These days movies and TV series take up significant part in the lives of each and every one of you. This means that the industry of free online movie sources has begun to grow. 123movies is one of the greatest sites offering you the possibility to watch your favorite movies and TV series with the slightest effort involved. The thing is that this website has gained its popularity due to the vast range of content so that you can easily find anything that suits your taste most.


What is more, it is super easy to navigate, not to mention the fact that all the movies and series are sorted in the simplest way possible. Last but not least, it is free, and you do not need to sign up to watch anything. Surely, these are the advantages everyone will appreciate.

Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about the alternatives to It is nice to know about one of the most popular sources to visit whenever you need to watch a movie, but it is even nicer to have a bunch of them to choose from!


Each of you has a unique taste in movies, and we can’t deny it. That is why if you are into old classics or vintage movies – we have a perfect site for you. The thing is that Icefilms is not only a perfect alternative to 123 movies but also a great database of old must watch movies. Besides, there is no need to register on the site, you can come any time you like and enjoy your favorite movie masterpiece. What is more, due to the fact that the site’s database is renewed on a daily basis you can find lots of new films there.



When you first go to this site -, it may hit you that the website is not for free usage. However, that is a misleading thought since it is one of the best free movies online sources. Starting with the interface – everything is very appealing about this website. You can stream your favorite movies or TV series here. What is more, you can even download the content that you like most.

As for the layout, it is divided into sections, which will make your search even easier. Apart from that, there is one feature that will come to everyone’s taste as well. The thing is that you do not need to go throughout the site to find the info on the movie you want to watch. All you need to do is to mouse over the movie icon, and you will be able to read all the information provided.

Yes Movies

Another alternative to 123movies that is certainly worth mentioning is Yes Movies. The truth is that this site does not only provide all the latest movies but also provides them in HD quality and that is certainly a great plus. Besides, here you can find movies from all over the world in the same HD quality. As for the navigation, the layout is certainly user-friendly and provided filters will make your search not only painless but also successful. However, there is a little downside to be mentioned. The thing is that the videos contain pop-up ads that you will need to close occasionally. Yet, the quality is undoubtedly worth this little amount of pain. So, it is definitely one of the best free movie websites to pay attention to.


CMovies HD

It is true that some sites that offer a vast range of movie to watch often are pre-paid. However, CMoviesHD is not one of those sites. It is one of the movie websites that can offer you movies from different countries for free. It should be mentioned that you can sort all the content due to the rating, country, and genre here. Indeed, anything from warm Christmas movies to thrilling apocalypse movies is at your disposal here. As for the quality, it is certainly a good but not the best, let’s put it this way. However, there is one more advantage that not all the other sites provide – there is a list of different servers to choose from in case one is not working or is not suitable for you – you can try the others.


Some people complain that there are not enough of sites that contain Bollywood and Hindi movies. In case you want to watch Hindi movies online – YoMovies is the perfect site to choose. The thing is that you do not even need to sign up or download anything to use the site. The navigation is super easy and user friendly.

What is more there is all the information available on the movie, all you need to do is to mouse over the movie icon. As simple as that! As for the quality, you can choose between good and HD quality, which is certainly an advantage.


Solar Movie Free

There are times when you find a suitable site to watch a movie, but then it asks you to sign up. Not everyone is equally fond of such a perspective and if you are one of them – we have something for you. The thing is that Solar Movie is the site that offers you the possibility to find the movie and watch it straight away without the unnecessary registration. Yet, it should be mentioned that if you are looking for the movie website to download your favorite movies – Solar Movies is not suitable since it does not offer the feature. The rest, we mean the layout and the navigation is understandable and easy to use, so no worries here.


Just like the websites mentioned above BMovies is a great source of online streaming movies. You do not need to register or download anything to use the site. However, you need to be aware of the fact that the ad blocker is required. The fact is that just like all the other free websites this one uses ads a lot and an ad blocker will save you from the pain of closing countless ads. It should be added that the database of this site is pretty impressive so that you can not only find anything you like, but also you can watch it in an HD quality which is certainly a nice advantage over the other sites.

Movie 4u

Another good alternative to 123 movies online is Movie4u. To begin with, it is properly organized so even if you are a first-timer you will be able to figure out how to use it. The categories are pretty much the same as the other sites use. However, there is something that not all the site can provide – a database of Hindi movies so that you do not need to change between site to watch your favorite Hindi film. Just like all the advantages - there is one disadvantage. The thing is that the site changes its domain regularly and this makes it a little unstable. However you can download your favorite movie to avoid that.


Watch Free

This is that one time when the name of the site speaks for itself. As you may have already guessed Watch Free website is a 123movies alternative to consider. There is no need to sign up or register – just go to the site and enjoy the favorite TV shows or movies. The truth is that even though the source offers lots of content to enjoy, there is not a personal database. The site provides links from all over the web instead. When it comes to Watch Free interface – it is as simple as any of the described above site. Try it out!


When it comes to the Movie25 website it is pretty much like all the other alternative sites, but slightly different.

To start with, it should be noted that the interface is neat and easy to use, there is a huge database of movies available, including Hindi movies, and that is certainly a great advantage. All the movies are sophisticatedly categorized so there will be no difficulties with the search arising. However, you need to register first to use the site. This may be a downside for some of you but we rush to assure you that apart from the registration there is nothing else required. What is more, after the registration, there will be no bothering ads appearing on your screen, and the quality will be surprisingly high. So, we think that this option is at least worth considering.

Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner is one of the sites like 123movies but a little different. If you are a true TV shows addict, then this is the perfect site for you. However, some may say that the interface is inconvenient and old that does not change the fact that it is a great source of all possible TV series. It contains the range of series starting with the oldest and ending with the newly released episodes. Of course, it is worth mentioning that there are not movies on the site nor actual database, just the reference links. Yet, these may be considered to be the minor disadvantages if you are a real series killer!



Just like many other websites, PutLocker is a great source of all possible kinds of movies. However, unlike some of them it does not have the database. Instead it offers external links to use. To tell you the truth that is rather the advantage than a disadvantage since it is evident that almost anything can be found on such a site. As for the layout and the filters, both are easy to use. However, when it comes to filters, there is no country option, but you can view the movies due to the date of the release. This means that you can easily find either something old-school and classy or popular and up-to-date.


We have reviewed some of the best free movie streaming sites that do not require registration it is time to have a look at those that do. ZMovies is that one site that offers you the possibility to either stream your favorite movies or download them. However, to use either option, you need to register first. It should also be noted that this platform is legal only in a few countries so that you need to be careful. As for the search, you can browse through the contents by the genre. Besides, they do not host the data on their servers, third parties are involved.


Those of you who are looking for a good 123movie alternative – we have another suggestion for you. GoStream is the website that offers you a wide range of movies to choose from, besides it is free, and you do not even need to register on the site to enjoy your favorite movies. It is worth mentioning that the database is often updated so that all the recent releases can be found there in good quality. When it comes to types of movies, they offer those include movies from Asia, China, Japan, Europe, and India as well as USA produced ones.



When you decide to watch free movies but still do not have the site to go to – we have an idea in mind. HDO is a recommended streaming site with a high rating. The thing is that apart from HD quality movies, you can find there even the freshest releases in cinema copy format; such an option will suit those of you who can’t wait to see a good-quality release. As for the navigation, it is safe to say that it is super easy and effective.

What is more, the site has a tendency to load a lot faster than other websites may. However, you need to be aware of the fact that it contains ads that you will need to skip while watching the movie. In case it is fine with you – then it is certainly a site to consider!


If you are looking for a decent alternative to 123movies - it is safe to say that you have found it. The thing is that GOmovies provide all the things that 123movies does but with a little upgrade involved. The truth is that the layout is a lot simpler and nicer to look at.

What is more, you can watch movies online for free as well as you can also download them. All the movies that just come out are displayed on the homepage so that you do not have a chance to miss anything. The only downside is the amount of in-ads. However, that is something that no free site can exist without, so you need to be tolerant of this if you wish to watch free movies online.


It has been mentioned that all the free sites include ads. Well, almost all – the thing is that Vexmovies – does not. What makes this alternative so appealing is certainly the simple layout, the number of movies and of course the absence of ads. However, there is something more to it than that. The truth is that you can also adjust the screen resolution here, as well as you can skip forward the movie without lagging it. Besides, you can watch your favorite movies using your iPhone,iPad, and Android devices as well.


Los Movies

You may already know that all the similar to 123movies sites possess similar features. There is nothing wrong with it however, there is one site that suggests you something additional for a change. What we have in is the feature of Los Movies that allows you to sort the movie by actor or director. Certainly, that is something you won’t stumble upon on a regular basis. As for the rest, it is pretty much the same – simple layout, good quality and a great choice of movies to watch.


Popcornflix is considered to be one of the best free movie sites due to many reasons. The thing is that apart from being easy to use it offers a vast range of movies to choose from. What is more all the movies are sorted by genre so that you do not need to spend countless hours to find something to watch. Additional advantage of this site is that even though it is free and does not require registration it does not contain in-ads.


Fastmovies is another worthy alternative to 123movies. It is the site that offers you the possibility to stream movies free or download them. The simple interface and list of categories will make your search comfortable and effortless. However, you need to keep it in mind that despite the fact that you can stream movies without registrations when it comes to downloading you need to register first.

Those of you who are looking for the best suitable 123movies alternative – we have it covered for you. We are more than sure that at least one of the sources provided will come to your liking!


FAQ: 123movies

What is 123movies called now?

Due to its large collection of titles, 123Movies, which is now called GoMovies and GoStream, is one of the most popular sites. Movies that were recently released in theaters can be found here. However, you should proceed with caution when using these streaming sites. Many of them are illegal and may infect your computer with viruses.

Is YesMovies safe?

YesMovies is a website where you may watch movies for free. The majority of the content on this site was not obtained by legal ways, though some may have been. As a result, YesMovies isn’t entirely legal, and hence isn’t entirely safe.

Is FMovies legal?

The legality of FMovies or sites similar to FMovies is always under doubt. The original website was launched in 2016, however it was quickly sued and prohibited.