Stunning Gold Foil Nail Designs To Make Your Manicure Shine

Alluring Nail Art Ideas With Gold Foil You Can Easily Copy

Gold foil for a manicure is our topic today. Have you ever used nail foil to get a sparkling mani?

In case you have not, you should definitely try to recreate one of dazzling nail art designs. And in case you have, then you already know that it is not difficult, but it is so much fun!


Plus, nail foil can be combined with any nail colors. You can either go for the full foil coverage or use it for various details – the result will be attention-grabbing.

Read on to discover the most brilliant nail art ideas with foil in gold.

Fall Nail Art With Gold Foil

Source: fiina_naillounge via Instagram

It is true that in order to create a manicure that will suit a given season there are patterns and shades to be browsed. However, even the fall nail art will look special if you bring some gold foil in!


Matte Black And Transparent Tips

Source: perfect10customnails via Instagram

When you look for a manicure idea that will be both dramatic and elegant at the same time, we have something in store for you. All you need are stiletto nails with transparent tips and matte black, but there is one more thing – gold foil will take the idea to the whole new level of unique.


Elegant Lilac Nails With Gold Accents

Source: kadyntseva_nails via Instagram

Lilac hues are indeed on the edge of popularity these days. That is why making your manicure two-toned and adding some matte finish accents is a great idea. But, some transfer foil will add to your nail art that exquisite charm that many search for.


Pretty Tribal Nail Design With Gold Foil

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

When a pretty tribal accent nail is not enough to complete your nude nail art, then we have an idea in mind. All you need to do to take your manicure to the new level of elegant is to add some transfer foil ombre to your nails!


Amazing Galaxy Nail Art

Source: veryemily via Instagram

Galaxy nails look individual no matter the color combination, but there is always some room for experimentation. What we suggest you try out is the addition of a transfer foil outline to make your nails look even more out of space!

Stunning Gold Foil Ombre For Red Nails

Source: marinelp91 via Instagram

Red is classy and sassy, and we know it, what is more, some ladies prefer red hues to all the others. However, when your red chic nails become a little too used up, we suggest you introduce some gold foil transition to spice things up!

Nude Nails Designs with Gold Foil

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram, priscillaono via Instagram, red_iguana_ via Instagram Source: red_iguana_ via Instagram, la.d.esthetics via Instagram, philglamournails via Instagram

Nude nail art ideas are quite popular because these subtle shades will work for any occasion. However, if you would like to spice things up just a bit, we suggest that you add some vivid elements with foil.


Unusual Bright Colored Designs with Gold Foil

Source: so_nailicious via Instagram, mjnailz via Instagram, nailsbymztina via Instagram

These nail art ideas are super bright and extravagant, which makes us want to try them as soon as we can. Pair the foil with vivid nail lacquer and studs for a jaw-dropping effect.

Gold Foil Nail Designs for Passionate Red Nails

Source: buddhasnails via Instagram, chaunlegend via Instagram, nailsbykaylee_ via Instagram

The manicure in red is a total turn on, who could argue with that? And the foil in gold will even enhance the beauty of red nail art ideas. Both matte and glossy variants are smoking hot.

Black Nails with Gold Foil

Source: chellys_nails via Instagram, buddhasnails via Instagram, perfect10customnails via Instagram Source: chaunlegend via Instagram, chaunlegend via Instagram, yas_nails via Instagram

Black is definitely one of classic shades for a manicure, and a black and gold combination is timeless. You will definitely make a fashion statement with one of these nail art ideas.


Transparent Mani with Gold Foil

Source: priscillaono via Instagram, lexelucouture via Instagram, perfect10customnails via Instagram Source: chaunlegend via Instagram, chaunlegend via Instagram, red_iguana_ via Instagram

Transparent nail designs seem so simple, but we would say that they are ultimately elegant. And add some patterns with gold foil for a luxe effect. Stunning!

Gold Foil Designs for White Nails

Source: ninanailedit via Instagram, ninanailedit via Instagram, buddhasnails via Instagram

A white color might be a bit more fun than you think, especially when spiced up with some gold accents. Plus, a white and gold combination will go with practically anything.