Nail art designs come in all forms and variations. Nowadays every woman can choose the nail design according to her taste. While experimenting with different nail designs, you can find your top favorites and use this or that design depending on the season or occasion.


Summer nail designs can differ from the winter ones, but at the same time, there are no strict rules and, thus, you can wear the nail design you like any time of the year. Check the collection of the most popular nail art designs that team created for you!

Rhinestones Nails Design

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If you want to show off your glamorous side, then it is hard to think of a better option then embellishing your nails with rhinestones. These gorgeous gems can spruce up any manicure, even the most modest. Besides, depending on the amount and pattern you are going to choose, you can create mani that fits any ambiance, from a romantic date to a fancy dinner.


Soft Gray Blue Nails Art

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Why would somebody want to paint their nails gray? Some say this color lacks boldness and looks depressing. Yet, everything depends on how you are going to wear it. Chrome nails in the gray-blue color may give quite a sophisticated and stylish impression, especially if you adorn them with low-key nail art design.

Summer Nails Designs

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Best summer mani features bright colors and tropical island-inspired nail designs. Hot pink nails will surely pop against your sun-kissed skin enhancing your enviable tan to the limit. Even if you do not have the privilege to bask in the sun right now, the palm tree nail art will remind you of those wonderful times when you did.


Knitted Nail Art Design

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The latest popularity of all kinds of handiwork has set off many unusual beauty trends. For instance, knitting has made its way into nail art design. To achieve a cozy and warm look of your nails, you can replicate the cable knit pattern of your favorite winter clothing.

Flowers Nails Design

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What girl does not like flowers? However, their quick fading beauty can make you sad at times. Embellishing your nails with flower design guarantees you only positive vibes. Lilies, roses, daisies, all sorts of flowers work equally well. It is only up to you to choose your favorite.


Elegant And Chic Red With The Eiffel Tower Art

Source: Home_of_deva via Instagram

Have you always dreamed of seeing the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe you have already seen it and want to capture this amusing moment? Then your nails are one of the best places to do it, as they are always in your sight. A perfect accompaniment to such nail design would be a classic red background, which looks both sophisticated and classy.

Cat Eyes Nail Design

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Cat eyes manicure has made quite a lot of stir in the industry. Although it may be considered not as popular as it used to be, a true nail art connoisseur will certainly appreciate it. Besides, the color range is so versatile that you will easily find a shade that suits your preferences best.

Stunning Gel Polish Colors

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Gel polishes have quite a lot of advantages compared to regular varnishes. They are easy to apply, long-lasting and give you a dazzling glossy finish that no other polish can compete with. On top of that, they will give you plenty of nail ideas, as the colors are absolutely amazing.


Green Ombre And Glittermix

Source: home_of_deva via Instagram

If you gravitate to easy nail art, then we can hardly think of a better option than ombre nails design. With this effect, you can turn any manicure into a piece of art. For a juicy and fresh impression, opt for such bright and reviving colors as bright green and yellow. Throw a handful of glittermix into it to add a sparkling touch.

Transparent Nail Design

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Apparently, clear nail art design is not a new fashion trend. Yet, it has been all the rage since it first appeared several years ago. In addition to their resemblance to real glass, transparent nails look attractive and sophisticated. If you want them to beam like Cinderella diamond shoes, accentuate some nails with rhinestones and crystals.

3-D Nail Art With Hearts

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No matter whether you are looking for acrylic nails for Valentine’s Day or you are simply a romantic person and want to show it off, this cute nail art that features 3-D hearts and a glitter accent will definitely come in handy to you. To express your feelings even stronger, add the love inscription to one of the nails.


Holographic Nail Design

Source: nailsannagorelova via Instagram

You can rest assured that with holographic nails you will not go unnoticed. This manicure trend has come a long way from supermodels to beauty influencers. Yet today, you can easily see it in regular life. Iridescent nails are eye-catching and glaring thanks to their ability to reflect light, thus allowing you to collect compliments left and right.

Hipster Geometric Mani

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

Regardless of whether you belong to any subculture or not, this geometric nail art design popular among hipsters may resonate with you too. The best thing about it is that every print is one of a kind, as it is usually hand-painted on your nails. For a touch of boho chic, add a couple of diamonds as an accent to a couple of nails.

Snake Skin Nail Art

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

Animal print is a timeless fashion trend that can be seen not only in your wardrobe but also on your nails. And one of the most popular patterns to recreate is the snakeskin print. You may not like these creeping creatures, yet the manicure adorned with their skin print will not leave you indifferent.


Matte Nails

Source: homeofdeva_su via Instagram

Sometimes, a high gloss finish can look overly flashy and this is when matte nails come into play. They have this unique velvet touch that instantly makes your manicure look luxurious and splendid. Color-wise, you are welcome to choose any shade that appeals to you most.

Ombre Nail Design

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

You will be pleased to find out that the ombre nail design is extremely versatile. It can be blurry or harsh, high or low as well as feature as many colors as you dare to pull off. Even if you opt for simple mani, the ombre technique will not let it look plain and dull.

French Fade Nail Design

Source: getbuffednails via Instagram

To give your classic French manicure a trendy twist, apply the white color to the tips of your nails with a fading technique. It looks airy and elegant thus making up a perfect manicure option to step into any door. Remember though, the longer your nails are the softer the transition looks.


Marble Nail Design

Source: amyduclosnails via Instagram

No matter how long or short your nails are, you can easily upgrade your mani with the help of marble nail design. It looks unusual and attention-grabbing on any length, allowing you to play around with the pattern, color and adornments.

Matte Nail Art With Pearls

Source: alinahoyonailartist via Instagram

Due to its low-key appearance, matte manicure allows you to complement it with any kind of embellishments without being afraid to look overly showy and gaudy. Pearls pair with velvet perfectly. Hence, adding a row of multi-sized pearls to your nail base will result in tasteful mani with a royal touch.

Minimalistic Striped Nail Art

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

Minimalism will never go out of fashion. It always seems appropriate no matter what occasion or event you are heading to. Nude nails are one of the best ways to create minimalistic mani. If you feel like adding some kind of design to it, go with rather simple nail art, such as narrow black stripes that go through the middle of every nail.


Speckled Nail Art


Once regarded as a flaw, freckles are now considered one of the most adorable and cute features. Moreover, they have settled down in the beauty industry and are being artificially added if you naturally do not have them. To pull off this trend on your mani, you will need to add polka dots to your nails thus creating speckled pattern.

Classic French Mani


Classic is always in fashion. The same is true for traditional French manicure. You can never go wrong with it, as it suits any ambiance and occasion. Besides, no matter what nail shape and length you have, you can be sure that it will fit you perfectly.

Glittery Nails

Source: allure_nail_studio via Instagram

Although glittery nails may not be appropriate for every situation, they definitely look flattering for everybody. They are also a great option to put a festive twist on your look in case you prefer a low-key outfit. You can go all-out glittery for a bolder appearance or accentuate only a couple of nails for a refined impression.


Geometric Nail Design

Source: ana0m via Instagram

Have you already tried a recently trending manicure technique, which is color-blocked nails? To get it, you need to divide your nails into sections using geometric figures of different colors and shapes. For an added dose of style, adorn the edges with rhinestones.

Water Marble Nail Art

Source: nailsbycambria via Instagram

It may be not the easiest nail art technique, yet the result fully pays you off. Water marble manicure looks extremely bold and impressive. It can feature multiple colors and textures resulting in unique and unrepeatable patterns. All you need to do is to stock up on a glass of water, your favorite nail polishes and a lot of patience.

FAQ: Nail Art Designs

Where is OPI nail polish made?

According to a Koti spokeswoman, OPI manufactures and sells many well-known nail polishes and has been based in the North Hollywood, 13034 Saticoi Street since its inception in 1981. Currently produced in Sanford, North Carolina, Koti has the largest facility in the United States.

Is Essie made in China?

No, Essie is not an abuse-free brand. Essie products are present on the mainland China market, where local laws require testing performed on animals.

Why does my Essie nail polish chip easily?

Oily bases are more likely to chip prematurely as the nail polish or base coat is less likely to adhere to the nails.