Exciting Nail Art Designs For You

10 Most Popular Nail Art Designs

Nail art designs come in all forms and variations. Nowadays every woman can choose the nail design according to her taste. While experimenting with different nail designs, you can find your top favorites and use this or that design depending on the season or occasion.


Summer nail designs can differ from the winter ones, but at the same time, there are no strict rules and, thus, you can wear the nail design you like any time of the year.

1. Cute Nails Design

Source: Nail_unistella via Instagram

If you like having short nails, this design would look cute on you. Stripes and dots are classy and interesting, - just choose two colors you love the best and enjoy your nails.


2. Soft Gray Blue Nails Art

Source: Elenakoval.studio via Instagram

This design looks neutral yet elegant at the same time. While grey color is generally considered dull, it’s not the case here as some added glittering stones on some of the nails tear that dullness apart.


3. Summer Nails Designs

Source: Ninanailedit via Instagram

Summer is the time of bright colors, so why not using them on your nails? Whether you have vacation and go to the beach or just spending time with the friends, let your nails show your bright mood. You could also add some palm trees or the ocean waves on some of the nails.


4. Rainbow Glitter Nails Designs

Source: Sense_hong_ via Instagram

If you like wearing clothes with bright colors, this type of nail art designs would suit you well. You could wear it with the dress or trousers with a bright T-shirt. You could also add the glitters to your nails to make them look even fancier.


5. Flowers Nails Design

Source: Topknotnails via Instagram

Nails with small bright flowers look so cute and romantic! Any type of clothes would be good with this type of nail design.

6. Elegant and Chic Red with The Eiffel Tower Art

Source: Home_of_deva via Instagram

Thinking of going to Paris or bringing back the memories from that romantic city? Add an Eiffel Tower to one or two of your nails, so that you would have an essential part of that city with you. Other nails could be painted in red or pink color to go well with that romantic mood.

7. Lilac Ombre with Cristal Arts

Source: Charmant_nail via Instagram

Lilac color reminds of the spring and the flower blooming. If you are in love with the spring and this beautiful color, make it as a basis for your nail design. Ombre effect would look particularly good with this color.

8. Stunning Gel Polish Colors

Source: Dream_nails_ewa via Instagram

You love having that glittering effect on your nails? Then simply go for it. There’s no need to do it on every nail, but just on some of them. It’s always better to go with more subdued colors on the rest of the nails.


9. Green Ombre and Glittermix

Source: Naglargoteborg via Instagram

Ombre effect looks very interesting when you apply it to nail design. It would be stunning with any color. And this green ombre effect would be particularly good for summertime. If you are going to a party, you could add the glitters to some of your nails.

10. Blue Hues in Nails Designs

Source: Home_of_deva via Instagram

Blue is the color of the water and sky. It’s a beautiful color and when it happens to be your favorite one,- perfect, - you can use different blue hues to create such a stunning nail art design.


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