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Pretty Tribal Nail Design With Gold Foil

Source: nails_irinamarten via Instagram

Pretty Tribal Nail design With Gold Foil #shortnails #nudenails

When a pretty tribal accent nail is not enough to complete your nude nail art, then we have an idea in mind. All you need to do to take your manicure to the new level of elegant is to add some transfer foil ombre to your nails!

Amazing Galaxy Nail Art

Source: veryemily via Instagram

Amazing Galaxy Nail Art #galaxynails #prettynaildesign

Galaxy nails look individual no matter the color combination, but there is always some room for experimentation. What we suggest you try out is the addition of a transfer foil outline to make your nails look even more out of space!

Stunning Gold Foil Ombre For Red Nails

Source: marinelp91 via Instagram

Stunning Gold Foil Ombre For Red Nail

Red is classy and sassy, and we know it, what is more, some ladies prefer red hues to all the others. However, when your red chic nails become a little too used up, we suggest you introduce some gold foil transition to spice things up!

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