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Summertime Nail Art

Source: centralparkkitty via Instagram, polishpeach via Instagram, glitterfingersss via Instagram

Summertime Nail Art Picture 1

Summertime Nail Art Picture 2
Summertime Nail Art Picture 3

We really love how fun these summertime and tropical nails designs appear. And truly, a white, as well as blue base, screams summer. The only thing that is left to do is to add some summer nail designs, and voila, you get a manicure that you can sport on hot summer days.

But what to use to recreate such nail designs?

  • The major tools to use for this nail art are toothpicks and nail lacquer. Nail lacquer can be replaced with nail gel or acrylics. And toothpicks can be replaced with art brushes, nail dotters, stickers, or stationary tapes.
  • Make sure you can concentrate well.
  • If your hands are not steady, you can easily smudge the designs and thus spoil the way it looks.

Flowers Art On A White Base

Source: mvargas_nails via Instagram, followthatway via Instagram, alinasnailplace via Instagram

Flowers Art On A White Base Picture 1

Flowers Art On A White Base Picture 2
Flowers Art On A White Base Picture 3

Are you aware of the fact that beauty is in simplicity? Just look at these floral patterns painted on a white base, and you will understand what we mean. Really, even though it might sound surprising, but sometimes the achievement of the wow experience does not require any vivid colors or outrageous designs. And these white nails ideas with tiny flowers prove our point.

And white is one of neutrals, which makes such manicure appropriate for all possible occasions.

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