Gorgeous Side Braids That are Easy to Master

We believe that side braids look truly charming. The beauty of these braids does not depend on the texture of your hair, and this quality makes them really versatile. However, not all of us have mastered doing such hairstyles. We have easy tutorials that can teach you how to turn your hair into fab in less than half an hour.


Gorgeous Side Braids That are Easy to Master

Twisted Side Braid

Hair How-To: Twisted Side Braid

A Twisted Side Braid is one of the loveliest hairstyles for long hair. It is appropriate not only for every day but also for various festivities. Besides, this style does not require much time. You can read a detailed tutorial how to do Twisted Side Braid.


Big French Side Braid

Hair How-To: Big French Side Braid

If you have shorter hair, it is time to learn how to make your hair grow faster to be able to sport a Big French Side Braid. This braid makes your hair look fuller in an instant. Explore how to do an easy big french side braid.

Side Fishtail Braid

Romantic Side Fishtail Braid Upstyle

A Romantic Side Fishtail Braid Upstyle is ideal for a night out. This loose and slightly messy braid is really gorgeous. With some practice, you can do it in less than 10 minutes. See the full tutorial how to do a romantic side fishtail braid upstyle.


Bohemian Side Braid

Hair How-To: Bohemian Side Braid

A Bohemian Side Braid is the best option for women who wish to look exceptional. This hairstyle makes your look a bit dreamy and really tender. The good thing is that it is less complicated than it seems, especially with our side braid tutorial.

Half Up Side Braid

Hair How-To: Half Up Side Braid

A Half Up Side Braid gives your look a more romantic and softer feel. This hairstyle would be a lovely addition to your image for any occasion. You can easily master it with the help of our detailed side braid tutorial.


Double French Braid With A Ponytail

Combine A Double French Braid With A Ponytail
A Double French Braid with Ponytail might seem tricky but, in reality, it is much easier. This hairstyle is perfect for those times when you wish to dress up your ponytail a bit. The technique is available in a double french braid tutorial.

FAQ: Side Braids

Are braids trending?

Protective hairstyles stay trendy all year long. However, experts from the North Florida Cosmetology Institute anticipate that braided styles will be in great demand throughout the summer. They also believe that braids will get shorter. More shoulder-length box braids with curls or beads at the bottom will be seen soon.

Is a side braid professional?

In professional circles, french braids, side braids, and conventional straight braids are all well-known. Almost all types of braids are office-appropriate as long as they are well groomed and no fly-away hairs escape.

Which braids last the longest?

Thin micro box braids can last up to 3,5 months, which is the longest duration between visits to the salon of any braid size.