By: | Updated: 08/02/2017

4. Blue and Teal

Source: Butterflyloftsalon via Instagram

Blue and Teal

This is another take on the mermaid style. These sexy waves with deep purple and turquoise blue highlights are just breathtaking!

5. White and Blue Ombre Curls

Source: Merrgg via Instagram

White and Blue Ombre Curls

This pretty color combo is reminiscent of a summer sky. The white roots and ends with a soft baby blue ombre fade is lovely. And curly tendrils at the bottom give it a romantic vibe for the look that’s both flirty and timeless.

6. Mystical Mermaid Braid

Source: Butterflyloftsalon via Instagram

Mystical Mermaid Braid

This lovely combo of blue and purple tones is positively gorgeous when woven into a stylish thick mermaid braid. This look is Boho chic with a modern flair thanks to the bold splash of colors throughout.

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