Natural Kumquat Benefits That You Should Know About

Kumquat fruit has so many benefits about which you have no idea about yet. Would you like to know more? We have prepared a complete guide with listed benefits that will bring so much beauty and health to your body. Excited? Then let`s go deeper into the topic and figure out what this fruit has for us.


What Is Kumquat?

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What Is Kumquat? #kamquatfruit #whatiskamquat

We believe that it is important to break down first what fruit it is a kumquat. What does it look like for you? We see it like an orange. However, there are some differences between these two fruits. For example, the size of them. A kumquat is in the size of an olive, however, the color and the structure of the fruit resemble of orange for sure. The taste of it sour but the peel add a sweet sensation to it. Despite its tiny size, this fruit is full of nutrition elements that our bodies crave. In different cuisines, this fruit is used in different ways and we love that about it! For example, some people add its extract to the jam or to honey. Sounds delicious!


Antioxidant Protection

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Antioxidant Protection #antioxidant #healthprotection

The first fact about kumquat that we would like to mention is its richness of vitamin C. That means that it will give your body the vitamin that is responsible for fighting bacteria and different viruses. Isn`t that what every person craves? It is so important to be healthy and to be sick less so why don`t we fill our bodies with vitamins that will fight for our immune system? The daily intake will also prevent heart diseases and will reduce the risks of arthritis.

Cancer Prevention

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Cancer Prevention #cancerprevention

Kumquat is full of so many amazing flavonoids like carotenoids, zeaxanthin, lutein and tannins that will help your body to feel healthy and strong. They will also help you in the case of cancer prevention. They spread the carcinogens that stop and prevent the growth of the more. Isn`t that marvelous that in taking such little fruit can have so many benefits for your health system?


Benefits Of Kumquat Peel

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Benefits Of Kumquat Peel #kumquatpeel #kumquatpeelbenefits

We are used to peel off the fruit and throw the skin away. However, not when it comes to kumquat. Why? Its peel has so many nutritious elements as the fruit itself. Limonene, pinene, a-bergamotene and caryophylleneare are there to bring so many vitamins into your body. They may help you with the alleviation of heartburn and treat the gallstones.

Rich Source Of Minerals

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Rich Source Of Minerals #sourceminerals

You will be amazed to see how much of mineral value these tiny kumquats have. 62 mg of calcium, 0,095 mg of copper, 0,86 mg of iron, 20 mg of magnesium, 0,135 mg, 0,17 mg of zinc. Isn`t that impressive? We hope this will prove you the need of having such a fruit in your daily diet. We believe it is essential if you are desired to keep yourself healthy and live long.

Aren`t you impressed with what these baby oranges have in store for you? Cause we totally are. We believe they have to be in the diet of every person to keep ourselves healthy and make us live long. Also, read about the benefits of Kalamata olives here.


FAQ: Kumquat

Are kumquats a berry?

Kumquat is unmistakably a fruit, not a vegetable. If you’ve seen the tiny oval oranges for sale elsewhere, they’re most likely kumquats. The Kumquat tree is a small fruit-bearing tree that belongs to the Rutaceae family of flowering plants.

Why is kumquat an insult?

In our childhood, we sometimes shouted “Kumquat!”. And it was a naming insult…In Wakayama, Japan, it changed forever when a Japanese couple picked some kinkan from a tree and handed them to a foreigner who was part of a Japanese character. After all, these could be medlars.