By: | Updated: 03/16/2018

Easy and Fun Ways of Dealing with Curly Hair

Not everyone is blessed with naturally curly hair and are often envious of those with curls or wavy locks. But where does curly hair come from?

Most people believe it has to do with genetics, and while this is partially true, there may be other reasons as well. A lot has to do with the shape of the follicle as well as the direction in which it grows. Flat or asymmetrical follicles form oval shaped strands, thus resulting in curls or waves. As well, research has proven that curly hair follicles contain more keratin than their straight counterparts.

Luckily, the era we live in has a lot to offer to all kinds of hair. That is why, no matter what length your curls are off, there is something we are ready to treat you with. Let’s have a look at what we have in store for you!

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