You should definitely try wearing braid hairstyles if you are a fan of “Game of Thrones.” Corset braid hair looks amazing, especially if you complement it with a ribbon that contrasts your hair. We have picked 15 photos of women wearing corset braid hair.


Photo 1-3: Braid Hairstyles with Corset Braid Hair

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Photo 4-9: Braid Hairstyles with Corset Braid Hair

Besides being perfect for long hair cuts, this hairstyle is really adorable. It will look awesome if your hair is glorious and long. In case your hair is black or brown, consider decorating it with a bright ribbon, for example, pink or red. Thus, your hairstyle will stand out!

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Although this hairstyle looks difficult, in reality, it is quite easy, especially for women with long layered haircuts. It is perfect for wedding ceremonies, parties, and homecoming. Wear it, and you will look as if you are a history movie character. So, everyone would love it!

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Photo 10-15: Braid Hairstyles with Corset Braid Hair

This hairstyle matches almost all clothes. However, it will look really special if you wear a chiffon or silky blouse, or maybe a dress with a floral print. It will also stand out in case your hair is dark, and you wear something white.

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Surely, not all women would find pink ribbons acceptable. Besides, bright ribbons do not fit all occasions. So, you can replace a bright ribbon with a white one, if your hair is dark. And if you hair is light, pick a black or brown ribbon. The key is to make a contrast.

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FAQ: Braid Hairstyles

What is a milkmaid braid?

A milkmaid braid is a braid that has a center section that wraps around the head. It’s made by braiding two pigtail braids and looping them up and around the head, crossing them over the top. Bobby pins can be used to hold braids in place and to flatten uneven parts of the braids.

Which braids last the longest?

Thin braids can last up to 3,5 months, which is the longest duration between visits
to the salon of any braid size.

What is the difference between a braid and a plait?

A plait is made with three sections of hair plaited together according to this scheme: left to middle, right to middle, left to middle. Additional hair can be braided into a braid, allowing it to continue braiding. Plaits are a simple type of braid, although braids can be more complicated.