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A Messy High Bun

Source: lenabogucharskaya via Instagram

A Messy High Bun #updo #bun

Messy hair and easy bun hairstyles are coming together to create trendy and gorgeous hair looks. Super simple, this messy bun hairstyle will become your favorite hairdo for every day as you won`t have to spend hours making it look pretty. Its messiness is its charm for sure.

A Cute High Gibson Bun Style

Source: lenabogucharskaya via Instagram

A Cute High Gibson Bun Style #bun #updo

A high Gibson bun style is standing out from all bun hairstyles for black hair. It makes it look even more shiny and beautiful. Gather your hair into a high bun and make it loose around the areas where it is supposed to be held. Isn`t it perfectly imperfect?

A High Bun With A Scarf

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A High Bun With A Scarf #bun #updo

Scarves and headbands have come into the fashion world again, and we are thrilled they`ve made a comeback! There are so many ways to wear them, but we believe this one to be the most stylish. Make a high bun and fix it with a headband. It will definitely catch attention, bringing an exciting detail into your look!

A Boho High Bun Hairstyle

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A Boho High Bun Hairstyle #bun #updo

A high bun in a boho style will be perfect not only for every day. It will be super-looking on special occasions, too. Loose, with a lot of volume, it will have a unique vibe coming from it. Isn`t it what you prefer?

A High Bun And A Bow Idea

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A High Bun And A Bow Idea #bun #updo

Unusual things usually bring so much attention, and this high bun with the bow is one of them. Messy bun hairstyles with small, stylish details will become so popular that you will be shaken. So, don`t miss your chance to try it on yourself this season.

A Bow High Bun

Source: ameliecheval31 via Instagram

A Bow High Bun #bun #updo

Do you have long hair and are up to try unusual hairstyles on it? Add a texturizing spray to your length to get volume and fix it in a bow bun. Do it carefully and slowly for it to look neat. Don`t be afraid if it gets loose, it will bring even more charm to it.

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