Long hair hairstyles are difficult to deal with because there are so many of them that you don’t know what to choose. It is also an advantage of long hair – a multitude of options. Have no creative ideas about how to handle your long locks? See our gallery.


Stylish Braids With Colored Long Hair

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Cute hairstyles for long hair are totally doable when you are hurrying or don’t have any inspo. Of course, a ponytail is a way out but we have more interesting options.


Gorgeous Wavy Long Hair Hairstyles

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Easy hairstyles for long hair are exactly what you need for this kind of situation. Try a low chignon. All you will need is elastic, some bobby pins and two minutes. Such hairstyles look especially amazing with balayage.

Stunning Looks for Long Hair

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The trendiest options for long hair are stylish braids with colored long hair, updos with braids, different types of ponytails, sleek and straight hair and half-up ‘dos.


Classic Ideas for Long Hair

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Wavy long hair hairstyles are the next level of gorgeous. They look glamorous and effortless at the same time. Add a side part to chunky curls, and you are ready to slay.

Gentle and Romantic Hairstyles

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Gentle and romantic hairstyles for long hair are in fashion not only for brides but also for everyday. Combine your long hair with curls, side braids, updos and flowers.


Fabulous Long Hair Hairstyles With Bang

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Bangs are a great way to complement your long hair. Moreover, bangs are super popular now. And there are so many types. Select the perfect one for your long hair.

FAQ: Long Hair Hairstyles

How to do a simple waterfall braid?

  1. Do a side parting, not too far to the side.
  2. Take the first section of your, hair split it into three and begin a French braid.
  3. Once the braid is a little bit further back along your head, instead of threading the piece of hair closest to
    your ear into the braid, you’re going to take that piece of hair out and put it elsewhere.

How to do a simple low bun?

  1. Do a middle parting. Brush your hair all backwards about halfway down your head. Gather all of the hair at the back and do a low ponytail.
  2. Gently push your hair forward to add volume.
  3. Twirl your hair into a bun. Take a headband and wrap it around the bun. Secure any rogue pieces with a bobby pin.Twirl your hair into a bun. Take a headband and wrap it around the bun. Secure any rogue pieces with a bobby pin.