By: | Updated: 08/02/2017

22. Striped Stencil Design

Source: Caitlinfordhair via Instagram

Striped Stencil Design

The contrasting dark and light blue striped hair stencils on ash blonde look really stylish and trendy.

23. Fairy Indigo Hair

Source: Taylorrae_hair via Instagram

Fairy Indigo Hair

Rich blue with a purple hue looks enigmatic and fascinating. Add some sparkles to make your look absolutely fabulous.

24. Bright Blue and Turquoise Ombre

Source: Caitlinfordhair via Instagram

Bright Blue and Turquoise Ombre

The combination of these two shades of blue looks impressive. A deep color on the roots and light turquoise waves on the tips create a sea-wave effect on your hair.

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