Thinking about options for medium layered haircuts? Every woman goes through the time when she can’t decide whether or not to let her hair grow long or get it short. That’s why medium-length hairstyles are so popular right now. They still leave room for styling without the commitment to really long hair. And we all don’t have time to deal with the knots and tangles that are peculiar to longer hairstyles.


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Who Can Benefit From Layered Medium-Length Haircuts?

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The beauty of mid layered haircuts lies in their immense versatility. You can find a stylish variation to effortlessly complement your face shape, texture, age, or individuality. Despite round, oval, or square face, curly or straight hair textures, a skillful hair expert will suggest a haircut that embraces the best features and hides potential flaws. Most layered styles are known for their ability to introduce movement, dimension, and volume into any look, which is a range of advantages not to be treated lightly.


Medium Layers: The Best Option for Every Face Shape

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When you seek a fresh look to update your style and appearance, starting with your natural features is vital. Face shape is surely one of the most critical aspects. Let's discuss how a well-chosen layered cut can enhance every face shape:

  • Round face – well-cut layers can introduce necessary angles and definition to the soft curves of your face. The elongated appearance adds up to slimmer silhouette factors.

  • Oval face – this face shape is utterly adaptable, so you can pull off any layered look with it. Usually, the layers accentuate an oval shape's balance without overwhelming the natural symmetry.

  • Square face – softening the strong jawline and angular facial features is what layers do. Putting it simply, a layered cut will bring perfect harmony to your look.

  • Heart-shaped face – it is possible to use layers to avert unwanted attention from your forehead and focus it on the eyes. Besides, longer layers that start at your chin will complement the natural contour.

  • Diamond shape – with layers, you are able to accentuate your cheekbones and achieve symmetry, which is preferable when it comes to the diamond face.

How to Wear Your Layered Hair with Style

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Despite the universal appeal of all layered cuts, there are a few tips to introduce into your arsenal and take your stylish outlook to the next level:

  • Use texturizing products to emphasize the layers and add dimension.

  • Use a curling wand to embrace your naturally curly texture.

  • Play around with different styling options to show off the ultimate versatility of the layered cut.

  • Use a round brush while blow-drying to introduce the necessary volume to the roots.

  • Don't overweigh your locks with heavy styling products.

  • Schedule regular trims for your layers to look fresh and well cared for.

  • Coat your mane with a finishing spray to keep the look in place throughout the day.

  • Experiment with your part to sport a new look on a daily basis.

  • Wear your hair in a low bun or a loose braid to prevent the ends from splitting.


Long Disconnected Choppy Bob

A long, disconnected bob is an ideal mixture of class and contemporary vibe. The style thrives on its asymmetry, texture, and universal appeal. If you seek a bold statement without committing to any edgy styles and daring colors, such a bob will come of great use.

Shoulder Length Haircut with Flicked Ends

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Flicked ends have the power to introduce a playful flair to the overall elegant look. Cut your hair just around the shoulders so that you can experiment with different styles when needed. Balance between straight and wavy texture to implement a slightly capricious vibe into the style.


Feathered Lob Cut

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The feathered lob is one of the most chic and contemporary hairstyles that feature the undeniable elegance of a long bob and the unrestricted movement of a feathered cut. If you are interested in a sassy cut that is effortless to style, a feathered lob is a worthy option.

Medium Messy Feathered Cut

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Mid messy feathered lob is trendy because of a variety of reasons. The primary one is its relaxed appeal. The style will introduce just the right amount of dimension and movement without taking hours to style. You can also enhance the easy-going and fashionable appeal by opting for trending coloring techniques.

Middle-Parted Medium Blonde Hairstyles

A blonde mane combined with a mid-parted layered haircut presents an unlimited range of styling options. You can capture the timeless and versatile flair of the cut and make it your statement look. However, regular trims are on the table.


Mid-Length Two-Tier Cut

Some approaches to layered cuts are less orthodox and classy than others. In case you are looking for something unique yet practical, a two-tier layered style should be on your go-to list. The hairstyle looks exceptional when paired with any hair shade.

Side Parted Medium Blonde Hairstyles

Not everyone knows it, but a side part has a unique ability to add more volume to the crown. Considering the given perk and the fact that layers aim at a light and sassy silhouette, you can get all the benefits without any downsides in sight. Silver-blonde and platinum hues will make you look eerie and mysterious, not to mention feminine.

Mid-Length Haircut with Side Layers

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Some of you may falsely assume that you must layer your mane thoroughly through the length to achieve the desired dimension. However, succeeding with the goal may take as much as side layers. Keep in mind that the cut will look absolutely ravishing when paired with an oval face shape.


Medium Wolf Cut

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A wolf cut is all the rage at the moment, and there is more than a single reason why. With all the defined texture, the cut results in a playful but unified look. Not to mention that you can embrace any hair type with the style. Don't forget to run your fingers coated in styling products to make the layers visible, and you are ready to roll.

Feathered Straight Blonde Bob with Ombre

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Feathered bobs are ideal for those with thick manes. The sleek cutting technique ensures that your locks preserve a perfect shape without overweighing your head. Besides, you can always spice the look up with a neat ombre. How do you feel about sassy peach this season?

V-Cut Layers for Thick Hair

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There's more than a single benefit to V-cuts paired with layers. First things first, you can get rid of all the unwanted load on your head without sacrificing the length. Moreover, the neat layers throughout the length will frame your face beautifully. If there's a definition of perfection for thick mid to long tresses, most hair experts would definitely name a V cut.


Textured Layered Medium Haircut

Looking classy and elegant 24/7 is great, but how about letting your savage inner self out from time to time? In that case, you may want to favor a choppy layered bob. Just a bit of styling product and a perfectly messy result is granted!

Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Warning! Bangs are a commitment! Now when you know the risk, it is safe to mention that bangs are a perfect way to update your layered haircut. You can play around with curtain bangs, straight bangs, or layered bangs. Choose the option that compliments your individuality and style in the best way and enjoy the fashionable outcome.

A-line Medium Layered Hairstyles

Those who crave a pointed structure with an edgy vibe embedded into the cut will fall in love with an A-line mid-layered hairstyle. Such cuts are designed to stress the definition of your hairstyle and add more movement and texture to the tresses. Remember that the style suits those with fine and thick locks equally well. All it takes is a trusted hairdresser to capture the impeccable vibe of the style.


Long Layers for Medium Length Hair

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Face-framing layers aren't for all, and there's nothing wrong with it. You can always ask for long layers that accentuate the natural beauty of your past-the-shoulders mane. If you feel that the layers look slightly subtler than you've anticipated, a quality highlighting routine will seal in all the definition you seek.

Straight Rounded Lob with Chunky Razored Layers

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Razored layers are excellent when you want to thin the ends out. Such an approach ensures that the ends are more flexible and blended. A neat mid-parted rounded lob fits in a plethora of styles ranging from classy to contemporary.

Wavy Layered Hairstyles

The versatility of waves is greatly understated. Depending on the mood and occasion, you can play around with different waving styles and techniques to spice up your everyday look. Moreover, thin waves complement fine tresses well, while bigger waves can embrace the thick texture like nothing else. Also, the well-chosen highlights will make the waves shine and look alive.


Shoulder Medium Hair with Short Layers and Fringe

Sometimes, tasteful and sophisticated looks seem to require a lot of time and effort spent on maintenance and aftercare. However, a shoulder-length cut with short layers and a fringe proves otherwise. With a minimal styling routine, you can look your absolute gorgeous from day to day. Yet, regular trims are required.

Wavy Shag Medium Layered Haircut

Shag isn't the recent addition to the pool of stylish haircuts. However, every season has a fresh toll on the universal cut. These days, we suggest you consider spicing the look with beautiful layers to enhance your wavy mane. In case you have straight hair, you can still rock the style with a reliable curling wand at hand.

Medium Length Layered Curled Hair

Professional layering is a true savior when you want to tame your curled hair. Chopping those layers off will reduce the strain on the tresses, making your curls look bouncier and more alive. Besides, neat layers are much easier to manage and a whole new range of styling horizons open up.

Medium layered haircuts are a versatile and stylish solution to make your shoulder-length mane more manageable and more dynamic-looking. There's a perfect cut for every texture and face shape. Choose the idea that makes you tick and embrace the fresh style as the new season approaches!



How to cut a shag haircut?

This haircut looks good on wavy hair.

  1. Put your hair in a ponytail right on top of your head. Brush it straight up.
  2. Leave a piece from the back out and place it up next to your ponytail to make sure you don’t cut the length off.
  3. After you trimmed the ponytail, take a portion of the bang from one side in a triangle shape and over direct it to your face and trim the ends at an angle, repeat on the other side.

How to cut soft layers?

  1. Start on damp hair. Part your hair by placing two fingers in the middle of your brow and then connecting them in the back in a horseshoe shape. Brush through it. Clip the bottom section.
  2. Choose a reference point on your face which is where your shortest layer is going to lay (your mouth/ nose).
  3. Hold your top section really tight against the face and cut diagonally at your reference point.
  4. Blow dry or curl your hair. You’ll get soft face framing pieces.