Best Islands To Visit In The World

This article guides you through some of the best Islands to visit in the world offering some of the most unique things that you can see, with crystal clear sea water, black and green colored sand dunes and indigenous wildlife. Islands covered with the sea on all sides are a house for some of the rich varieties of flora and fauna that you can ever explore. One thing is certain, exploring any of them or exploring them all, you will be mesmerized.


1. Bali, Indonesia


Bali is one of the best vacation spots in the world. It is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for its varied terrain of hills, mountains, sandy coastlines which slide into the turquoise sea water and tropical rainforests. Enjoy beachfront views in ocean resorts and rejuvenate your senses with a spa with ingredients taken from the sea. Or, simply sunbathe in the pristine golden-white beaches. You can also indulge in a bit of spirituality with the numerous meditation centers in the temples or go for a hike to the active volcano of Kintamani. Bali is paradise on Earth and you must visit it at least once in a lifetime.


2. Maldives

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Picture this: you are in a private villa in the middle of the Indian Ocean with thousands of marine creatures swimming underneath you in the clear sea and room service on demand. This is what a typical luxury resort in the Maldives will have in store for you, and only two things will make you want to leave this place. First, when you go for a dive in the sea for a closer look at marine life. Second, when you’re checking out, which you wouldn’t want to do in a long, long time.

3. The Big Island, Hawaii

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The Big Island is perfect for solo travel. It has everything that the smaller surrounding islands of the Hawaiian island chain can offer. It is home to lava deserts, rainforests, black and green colored sand beaches and numerous national parks. Plus, the most active volcano in the world is spewing lava at regular intervals. You can explore it all by staying in the Big Island.


4. St Martin - St Maarten, Caribbean Islands

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The perfect place to enjoy a laid-back holiday, enjoy the tranquil beaches and the sun setting on the island. The best about the place is that it is governed by both the Dutch and the French. Hence, you can enjoy the diversity in the culture, lifestyle and the food on offer. St Martin- St Maarten is becoming popular for its cuisine and nightlife on offer despite housing a laidback atmosphere during the day.

5. Crete Island, Greece

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The Greek island of Crete is diverse in nature with an impressive collection of Sandy beaches, tall mountains, modern lifestyle and architecture. And all of these co-exist happily with century-old structures, and cultures from various origins such as the Minoans, Ottomans, and the native Greeks. Despite the diverse landscape, there is complete unity evident at everywhere you go on the island. Various options are available for everyone, starting from party goers, nature lovers or history buffs, making it a popular choice among the tourists.


6. Santorini, Greece


Santorini is an island formed by molten lava which erupted from volcanoes millions of years ago. It is famous for its stunning panoramic views, the sunrise and sunset and its colorful beaches with red and black sand. You can also visit the Ancient Akrotiri or visit the historic city of Manolos from here. Enjoy the sights from a cruise ship or simply soak it all in by not going out for a few days. To try out some authentic delicacies, go inland and visit a ‘taverna’.

7. St Kitts and Nevis

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The main drawing nature of these twin islands is seclusion, which makes it a top draw for many Hollywood celebrities looking to take a break and unwind. Other attractions include black sandy beaches, and the St Kitts Carnival held annually in the month of June. These islands may not boast world class infrastructure and a standard of living, but the hospitality of the locals will warm your heart.

8. The islands of Fiji

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Fiji is similar to many of the other tropical getaways with turquoise blue water, luxurious sea resorts and complete sense of seclusion from the world. You can enjoy a typical day at the beach with sunbathing and an occasional dip. Or, you can go for some deep sea diving or even surfing, since the beaches give rise to decent waves. Soak in the sights and customs of the locals organizing shows in which they play with fire and escape unscathed, and enjoy it all with a kava drink or a local beer. You will forget all your worries in life.


9. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

The islands of Galapagos are the best islands to visit in the world. With those giant tortoises and sea-going lizards, it is perfect for those who want to explore wildlife and indulge in close contact with the animals. The unique features are that the animals are particularly fearless and do not worry about the encroachment of their habitat by the humans. They carry out their chores without flinching. This offers you a perfect chance to photograph these moments and marvel at your photography skills!

10. Mykonos, Greece

16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The island boasts of a Mediterranean culture with its cube-shaped buildings which are whitewashed in the exterior. Explore the sights and scenes in store in the main city of Chora by taking a walk through its twisty and winding roads. Or, pay a visit to any of the churches or go for window shopping at the storefronts specializing in antiques. However, the biggest attraction remains the silky sand beaches with many vacationers both during the day and night. The temples of Delos or the Cycladic style monuments in the city of Chora can also be checked out.

11. Maui, Hawaii

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Probably not the biggest among the islands in Hawaii, it still is the perfect blend of history and Hawaiian culture that you can explore. You can easily go for a swim, relax or go diving. You can have a look at the rich and indigenous marine life along the coastline of this tiny island without a care and worry in the world.


12. Seychelles

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Seychelles is a group of 115 islands and is among the best islands to visit in the world, clustered in the Indian Ocean. It houses desolate beaches with giant rocks perched on them along with bright blue seawater and towering palm trees. These scenes are the stuff of postcards but if you want to explore these in reality you must visit Seychelles. Only 40 odd islands are inhabited and the remaining ones house a rich array of wildlife which can be explored on a yacht.

13. Cayman Islands

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

The Cayman Islands are one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean which offer an array of options for both the lover birds and the adventure seekers. One can go for a hike along the century-old Mastic trail or go for a swim at the Stingray city, go for a dive. Or, avail yourself a luxurious holiday at the numerous all-inclusive resorts that are in store. Peak seasons can get a bit crowded it the Grand Cayman island, so plan on going during the off season to explore the sights vividly.

14. Kauai, Hawaii

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Kauai is the oldest island of Hawaii which offers you mesmerizing views of the sunset perched from a hilltop and its unique chocolate colored dunes of the beaches. It is the perfect getaway for tourists looking to unwind in peace with the place being on the wish list of a selected few. Soak into some of the most authentic Hawaiian cuisine and live in resorts which offer the basic amenities to stay and are no taller than two to three storeys.


15. St Lucia, Caribbean

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

St Lucia is one of those upcoming holiday destinations that caters to a wide variety of tastes for the honeymooners, the adrenaline junkies, and even the music lovers. Spend the day lazing around in one of the island’s chalky white beaches or go for a hike in the Pitons or go for a cycle ride through the challenging terrain of the rainforests. You will be certainly mesmerized at exploring the lesser traveled sights and soak in the beauty of nature.

16. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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16 Best Islands to Visit Around the World

Bora Bora is another volcanic island. The dormant volcanoes are covered by lush green landscape. It is the ultimate definition of a tropical getaway with luxurious resorts, crystal clear aquamarine lagoon, and vibrant hospitality. Explore the island and the surrounding ones on a boat, or simply laze around or go for a bit of shark snorkeling. It is a place where it’s probably worth it to spend all the money that you have saved. Also, jeep tour to visit World War II ruins left by the US Army and explore the inner parts of the island.

FAQ: Best Islands To Visit

What is the #1 island in the world?

According to the Travel & Leisure’s World’s Best Awards 2020 voting results, Palawan in the Philippines was named the greatest island in the world. The Island activities and sites, natural features and beaches, as well as food, friendliness and overall value were all assessed by readers of the lifestyle site.

Is Bora Bora better than Maldives?

The first consideration is where you are departing from. The Maldives is more accessible from Europe and Africa than Bora Bora. However, Bora Bora will be a better choice if you live in the United States. Bora Bora and the Maldives both require additional travel time from the international airport.

Where is the whitest sand beach in the world?

Hyams Beach in New South Wales is known for having “the whitest sand in the world,” as evidenced by a Guinness World Record. Despite the endlessly great number of people, this spectacular yet touristy beach located 3,5 hours south of Sydney will leave you in awe of its magnificence.