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Women might think that they are doomed to boring short hairstyles for women over 50, however, there are plenty of flattering short hairstyles that are easy to maintain and also quite popular. Here are a few general tips for women over 50 who are considering a shorter hairstyle:

  • Bangs are acceptable as they can help you look younger. It is important to keep them styled and not too thick. Also, have them styled to one side so they do not completely cover your forehead.
  • If you want to look sophisticated and elegant, you should brush your curls back, thus opening your face.
  • Shaggy hairstyles appear awkward and sloppy.
  • To help you look years younger, consider lighter hues for your hair, stick to blonde or brown highlights, unless you are one of those women who can rock those silver locks.
  • Remember to keep in mind your hair texture and the shape of your face when you are considering a new do, luckily, there are plenty of short hairstyles for round face, square face, triangle face, and oval face.
  • Fine hair looks better when cut in layers.
  • Thicker and curlier hair looks better with elongated styles.

1. Blonde with Long Bangs

Blonde Short Haircut with Long Bangs

Adding a golden color to the front of your short haircut will add warmth to your complexion. It also makes your eyes brighter and gives your hair a youthful glow.

Source: Riawnacapri via Instagram

2. Soft, Tousled Waves

Soft, Tousled Waves #curlyhairstyles #greyhair

If you aren’t feeling bold and have naturally curly hair, why not add some soft flicks all over for a tousled, soft look?

Source: alexandre_takao via Instagram

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