It is true that a trench coat is something classic and universal. However, every decade and every season has its peculiarities not to mention the fact that trends are changing at the speed of light. That is why you need to be fully aware of what to opt for when fall hits so that you not only stand out from the crowd but also feel stylish and comfortable with your choice. The best range of trench coat options and looks is gathered here, so you better help yourself!


Classic Trench Coats

Of course, it is obvious enough that we need to start from the beginning. That is why if you are kind of a classic gal, this is precisely the range of options to suit your elegant taste!


Gray Classic Trench For Casual Look

Credit: Instagram/mon.agar

In case you are looking for a trench coat to wear on a daily basis but still look stylish and neat then we have a suggestion for you. This gray classy trench coat will fit in your casual look just perfectly. The best items to combine it with would be classic trousers and a stylish top.

Classic Black Trench Coat For Monochromatic Look

Credit: Instagram/lolariostyle

Having your trench coat black is the option that many businesswomen opt for. We understand such a monochromatic choice correctly. However, even with such an obvious choice you can still give in to experimentation and opt for a piece with a little bit of intricate design.


Classy Beige Trench Coat For Formal Look

Credit: Instagram/kattanita

These days formal looks are a little bit different than they used to be. The thing is that these days there is a wider range of items to pull off while working on your formal look and adding a classy beige trench to your look is one of many options.

Classy Brown Trench For Everyday Look

Credit: Instagram/ankita_fashion

When you are looking for a trench coat to wear every day, you need to come up with such an option that will look good with both jeans and something more official. It happens so that we have a perfect suggestion up our sleeve. See for yourself!


Light Gray Trench Coat For Business Look

Credit: Instagram/jeanwang

It is not always an easy task to find a matching your trench coat dress or vice versa. When you wish to pair a trench and a dress, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, and the color is surely one of them. Keep it in mind that light dresses go well with as light-colored trenches.

Khaki Trench For Comfy Street Outfit

Credit: Instagram/littlefashioncloset

If the street style is your cup of tea, then we know a way to enrich your wardrobe. The thing is that loose khaki trench coat will go well with your carefree street look and it will accent your style just as perfectly.

Color Trench Ideas

Very often it is considered that since a trench coat is a classic clothing item, it should remain neutral-colored. However, things have changed over the past few years, and if you wish to add some bright accent to your autumn look, the bright-shaded trench is a proper way to do so.


Green Trench With Red Boots To Refresh Fall Outfit

Credit: Instagram/fashionagony

When the weather leaves much to be desired do not be afraid to add some brightness to your outlook. Pair a green trench with red boots and black leather pants to look super stylish and trendy.

Teal Color Trench For Street Outfit

Credit: Instagram/aracelisphotography

It is very easy to experiment when it comes to a street style. As a matter of fact there are no basic rules so you can get as creative as you like. Do you feel like wearing a teal trench? Go for it!

Ultraviolet Trench Coat For Everyday Outfit

Credit: Instagram/naglo_

Purple hues are on the edge of popularity these days, and we suggest you use it to your advantage. The ultraviolet trench coat is exactly what you need to complete your fall everyday outfit.


Bright Yellow Trench With Dark Jeans

Credit: Instagram/emmalynlove_

It is true that the opting for a bold yellow trench is a courageous move that is why you just need to know what to pair it with. Luckily, dark jeans and such a coat suit like bread and butter.

Monochromatic Red Outfit With Vinyl Coat

Credit: Instagram/the_real_chi

There is no such a thing as too much red in your outfit. If you feel like wearing a monochromatic image today, make it red. However, it would be best is the material that a trench coat is made of differs from the rest.

Soft Pink Coat For Girly Casual Look

Credit: Instagram/foreveramberblog

Pink short trench coat womens idea would suit those of you who are all about feminine touch and cuteness. Besides, it is easy to match such a trench with your favorite sneakers!


Patterned Trench Coats

When the solid-colored trench is not your style, then we have something entirely different stored for you in here!

Noticed Patterned Trench Coat

Credit: Instagram/laitalianka

Every trench coat pattern is unique in its own way, and you need to find such a pattern that will represent you best. Beige trench coat with unusual print will suit your casual style like nothing else.

Khaki Trench With Art Dots

Credit: Instagram/_swiezutka

Sometimes it is not that easy to express your artistic nature. However, when you feel like you want the whole world to know that you are an artist, then an artistic khaki trench coat will fit in the goal entirely.


Plaid Trench Coat Design With Red Hat

Credit: Instagram/ohmyvogue

It is true that when you create your stylish look every detail matters. That is why even when you find a trench coat of your dream it is essential that you pair it with proper accents. For example, this white accents emphasized the chevron pattern trench and adds unique vibe to the look in general.

Vinyl Red Plaid Coat Design

Credit: Instagram/carodaur

Plaid patterns are perfect due to many reasons that is why heading for a plaid trench coat is a worthy idea. However, to take things to the wholly new level of trendy and useful, make sure your trench is made of vinyl.

Beige Trench With Color Plaid Accents

Credit: Instagram/lisahahnbueck

When you can’t decide whether neutral or plaid trench is the coat of your dream, it is time to experiment and compromise. What can come out of such a decision? See for yourself!


Gray Plaid Trench With Beige Sleeves

Credit: Instagram/retroflame

These days it is very trendy to combine a pattern with a solid color when it comes to a coat. That is why a plaid trench with beige sleeves is a good example to opt for stylish look this season.

Stylish Outfits With Trench Coat

How To Style Plaid Trench Coat

Credit: Instagram/missmondo

When putting together an outfit with a plaid trench coat, it is important not to overload it with accessories or patterns. Ideally, the rest of your clothes should give off a low-key impression. If you want to put a colorful accent on your look, play around with the details of your coat. For instance, green lapel pop against an all-out beige outfit vividly.


Dark Green Coat With Black Monochromatic Outfit

Credit: Instagram/fashionedchicstyling

Usually, we wear a trench coat during cool seasons, such as fall. And in terms of color, we also opt for the autumnal palette. A dark green coat will fit perfectly this color spectrum. So that it will not look a little out of place, the rest of your outfit should be monochromatic.

Beige Combined Trench Coat Outfit

Credit: Instagram/aude_julie

What is great about a beige color is that it can be paired with any other shade without overloading the look, even if it is the same item of clothing. Thus, go for a beige trench coat with colorful gussets to give your outfit a stylish touch.

The trench coat is an essential attribute of your flawless autumn look. That is why you should better pay attention to the recent trends and ideas before coming up with a trench choice. To ease the task we have made this stylish trench coat compilation for you!

FAQ: Trench Coat

Are trench coats in style this year?

Fashion and beauty trends come and go, but trench coats are still there. This year, trench coats developed their own lives as labels and designers created new trendy statements in original colors and cuts.

What is the best color for a trench coat?

The best colors for trench coats are neutral colors such as beige, navy and black. These colors will fit easily into your existing wardrobe and look comfortable and stylish.

What is the best material for a trench coat?

Leather is the most robust and long-lasting material for a coat, and it consistently produces the greatest results. Trench coats made of leather are heavier and warmer than those made of gabardine or cotton. They are also easy to clean, and come with detachable interior linings for the summer.