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Ornamental Tattoo Style

Ornamental Tattoo Style #ornamentaltattoo #owltattoo

In case you are looking for unique tattoo ideas, go for an ornamental tattoo. Such tattoos tend to be done with black ink. The owl pictured here represents wisdom and intelligence.

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Mandala Tattoos

Mandala Tattoos #mandalatattoo #backtattoo

If you wish to choose a tattoo that will cover a large area on your body, here is an amazing suggestion for you. As shown in this pic, Mandala tattoos have the shape of a circle or semi-circle.

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Realistic Tattoo Style

Realistic Tattoo Style #armtattoo #realistictattoo

This tattoo design looks hyper-realistic, as if this American Indian man is living in the skin! And of course, in case you wish to get a design like this, we would recommend that you find an experienced tattoo artist.

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Blackwork Tattoo Design

Blackwork Tattoo Design #blackworktattoo

The Blackwork tattoo style involves simple tattoos that occupy much space on a person’s body and that are done with black ink. Not any black tattoo is Blackwork. But, for example, a large black square could be called Blackwork.

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Japanese Tattoo Style

Japanese Tattoo Style #japanesetattoo #fullsleevetattoo

This full sleeve tattoo with flowers and a dragon in a Japanese style is super daring. Japanese tattoos tend to occupy large areas on a person’s body, and they often have spiritual meanings.

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Dotwork Tattoo Style

Dotwork Tattoo Style #armtattoo

Dotwork tattoos are intricate because they consist of a huge number of dots. You can imagine how much time it will take to get one. But it will definitely worth it! Look at this pic, this tattoo is practically 3-Dimensional.

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Minimalist Tattoo Style

Minimalist Tattoo Style #minimalisttattoo #wristtattoo

Minimalist tattoos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. But oftentimes, such tattoos involve angular shapes, crisp lines, and meager color palettes. The wrist tattoo design pictured here is barely visible.

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