Swimming Pool Summer Nail Art Ideas That Will Cheer You Up

Super Bright Summer Nail Art For Hottest Girls

This season summer nail art tends to be especially popular. And nail designs that remind us of resting poolside flood social networks. We cannot miss the new trend, so we decided to gather the most popular summery looks for nails and share them with you.


Cute Aqua Nails Designs

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Aqua nails look fabulous, especially if your fingers are already tanned. It’s because cooler tones, that is, blues and whites, will look so hot against your beautiful tanned skin tone.


Blue, White, Gold Summer Nail Colors

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Look at these mesmerizing summer nail colors. Do you already wish to dive in? Such mani will remind you that the vacation is soon, and that hot nightmare in the office will be over.

Fun Swimming Pool Nail Designs

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And when the vacation starts, try to opt for easier, cute, and less time-consuming nail designs. Thus, you will have the possibility to enjoy your free time and sport pretty nails.


Cool Summer Nail Designs To Rock Pool Party

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Aqua nail art looks super cute and creative. Bluish shades and sea-themed embellishments will make you the real mermaid.

Ocean, Shells, And Undersea World For Summer Manicure

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Summer is associated with the ocean, beach and hot weather. Let transfer some summer attributes, like shells, marine inhabitants, and water pattern, on your nails. Amazing idea for hot summer days!


Matte Nail Designs For Stylish Mani

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So that your manicure would create a striking contrast with the glassy water surface of the pool, opt for nail designs with a matte finish. Thanks to their unusual velvety look and feel, your mani will definitely collect compliments left and right.

Feminine Pink Nails For Summer Time

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By all means, pink remains the most girlie color for a manicure. If you want to emphasize your femininity, paint your nails in any shade of this pretty color and adorn them with trendy nail design, such as rose quartz, palm trees or sea bubbles, for example.