Christmas nail art: what can be more fun? After picking your makeup and hairstyle for a Christmas party, it is time to match your nails with it. You can either choose ornaments and colors that shout “Christmas” or just add some glitter to any manicure. Even French manicure will look Christmassy if you add some silver glitter on white tips.


Red Colored Christmas Nails


Christmas Nail Art with Snowflakes

Christmas Nails with Deer Nail Art


Christmas Nail Art with Patterns

FAQ: Christmas Nail Art

How to do a gingerbread man nail design?

  1. Start with a white base.
  2. Place a brown dot at the top of your nail to paint his head.
  3. Take a small brush and add the arms, then his body coming down and into his legs and feet.
  4. Take a dotting tool and add his eyes mouth and his buttons using a white nail polish.
  5. Take a red nail polish and add tiny lines along his wrists and ankles.
  6. Go back over the white dots of his buttons with the green nail polish.
  7. Finish with the top coat.

How to do a simple nail design?

  1. Start with a sheer pink base.
  2. Take a dotting tool and place some white dots of different sizes coming up from the bottom of your nail and make them smaller as they get closer to your cuticle. repeat this process with red, gold and green.
  3. Finish with the top coat