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Medium Shag Haircut

When we have no idea what our style should be, we usually cut our hair medium. It just so happens that medium hair length is one of the most flexible and versatile options ever. Feels like you are tired with it? See how a shag haircut can sort things out.

Feathered Brunette Shag With Long Side Bangs

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Feathered Brunette Shag With Long Side Bangs #mediumhair #bangs #shaggy

When it comes to choosing a shag for medium hair length, shag haircut with bangs is the first thing that comes to hairdressers’ minds. Who would’ve thought that a simple mid cut could turn into a chic, edgy style once you add some choppy layers to it and finish it with bangs? Volumetric waves that move so lovely and the face-framing side fringe are enough to take your cut to the next level.

Blunt Cut With Choppy Layers

Source: anhcotran via Instagram

Blunt Cut With Choppy Layers #mediumhair #layeredhair #shaggy

No wonder that the majority of medium shag haircuts feature choppy layers. It’s no secret that messy and tousled silhouettes are the thing of today. Moreover, layers, whatever they are, can save your hair from falling flat, always keeping a well-groomed, presentable look.

Soft Wavy Blonde Shag

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Soft Wavy Blonde Shag #mediumhair #wavyhair #shaggy

Carefree beachy waves that can be seen from a mile away, while melting gently with one another, is the beauty dream of all women. Well, congratulations! You can replace loads of salt sprays with just a shag haircut. Wave your hair softly, working with a flat iron and running your fingers through your hair, and your hair will look like you’ve just left the sunny beach.

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