Faux Fur And The Best Ways To Introduce It Into Your Everyday Style

Faux Fur Is A Proper Winter Addition To Your Street Style

These days faux fur substitutes the real fur more and more often. There are many reasons for that. However, be it either you care for the animals or for some other reason you do not like real fur, it does not mean that fur coats and vests are out of reach for you. The thing is that faux fur is a lot easier to introduce into your casual style. That is precisely what we are going to talk about – the ways to add some artificial fur to your look. We are confident that you will like these ideas so much that you will want the cold seasons to last longer!


How To Style Your Faux Fur Jacket

Faux Fur Jacket With Ripped Jeans

Source: meganmlittle via Instagram

Pink faux fur jacket is precisely that clothing item that will go well with your ripped jeans. Who said that elegance couldn’t look casual? A beautiful sweater underneath will complete the look as well as will keep you warm.

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Oversize Fur Jacket With Leather Pants

Source: rosaandthecity via Instagram

Oversized clothes are all the rage these days. That is why if you wonder whether faux fur coats can fit in the category – they certainly can. Combine your oversized fur coat with a nice pair of skinny leather pants and a pair of sneakers and your perfect street style look is created.

Buy on Amazon: $80.99

Monochromatic Look With Fur Jacket And Short Dress

Source: rosaandthecity via Instagram

Very often, it is considered that dresses should be stored away when winter hits. We think otherwise. If you have a lovely faux fur coat at hand – why not to play around with short dresses? This white monochromatic look feels stylish while the top part will surely keep you warm when it is cold outside.

Buy on Amazon: $148

Short Faux Fur Jacket With Long Glamorous Dress

Source: lourenegoll via Instagram

Faux fur jackets are a real lifesaver when it comes to a glamorous outfit if it is chilly outside. The thing is that an evening dress goes with fur just like bread and butter. From now on, you will never worry about what to put over your shoulders when it is wintertime outside and a wedding to attend!

Buy on Amazon: $19.99

Faux Fur Jacket With Plaid Skirt And OTK Boots

Source: mangorabbitrabbit via Instagram

Those of you who are following up all the recent trends may already know that paid patterns and over the knee boots are on the edge of glory. However, there are times when you have a proper skirt at hand and a pair of OTK boots in the closet, but you do not know what to put on over. Well, put on a faux fur coat, and the issue is solved with style!

Buy on Amazon: $28.99

Colored Fur Jacket With High Jeans And Patent Leather Boots

Source: jesschamilton via Instagram

The beauty of faux fur is that it can come in all shades and patterns. In case you have to have such a jacket in your wardrobe – then this look is precisely what you are bound to pull off this season!

Buy on Amazon: $24.89


What To Wear With Your Faux Fur Coat

Pink Faux Fur Coat Combined With Black Outfits

Source: lourenegoll via Instagram

There are some colors that seem to be created for each other. The combo of black and pink is precisely the one. That is why to create a perfectly contrasting and stylish look all that you need is a black top and leather pants paired with a pink faux fur coat!

Buy on Amazon: $36.99

Me And Mommy With Faux Fur Style

Source: joannajohanssonx via Instagram

Matching daughter and mother outfits are gaining popularity at the rapid speed. If you wish to look stylish while keeping both of yourselves warm, then we suggest you get yourself matching faux fur coats!

Faux Fur Coat With A Jacket And A Bodycon Dress Underneath

Source: vanessatonyerturk via Instagram

Some people may be afraid that putting too many things at once may look inappropriate. Of course, there is certain risk when you do not know what matches well. The truth is that a bodycon dress, a jacket, and a faux fur coat go hand in hand with each other. However, it is essential that the coat is a little longer.

Buy on Amazon: $24.77

White Faux Fur Coat With A Sweater

Source: leoniehanne via Instagram

When it gets icy it is time you put under your faux fur coat something as warm. A cute knitted sweater suits the role like nothing else. Besides, the look, in general, is very stylish and cozy-looking!

Buy on Amazon: $35.99

Long Faux Fur Coat, Sweater, And Short Skirt

Source: _me_selina_ via Instagram

Until these days, women were reluctant as for whether to pair a short skirt with a sweater. Now, we know that the match is not only possible but also cute looking. What is more, the long white faux fur coat is what you need to finish the look.

Buy on Amazon: $35.99

Long Plaid Fur Coat With Black Dress And Winter Boots

Source: champagneandmacaroons via Instagram

There are plenty of interesting faux fur coats ideas out there these days. This beautiful plaid one is undoubtedly not the exception. What is more, with such a coat you can easily wear your fav little black dress and a pair of winter boots.

Red Outfit Accented With White Dress

Source: mernamariellaaa via Instagram

It is not a secret that any look needs a proper accent. In this case, it is a white dress. The thing is that while the coat, boots, and purse are of same red color, the dress not only stands out but also makes the outfit look unique and mesmerizing.

Buy on Amazon: $36.99


Faux Fur Vest For Trendy Look

Faux Fur Vest With Leather Pants

Source: luvbec via Instagram

The best way to create a stylish and casual look surely is to pair leather and fur. In this case, faux fur vest and leather pants are the perfect example. Besides, there is barely anyone who wouldn’t be able to pull the look off.

Buy on Amazon: $69.66

Fur Vest Combined With Hat And OTK Boots

Source: katiesbliss via Instagram

Those of you who are in search of an unusual but trendy and elegant faux fur look we have something for you. You may know that a hat and OTK boots fit each other well, but you may not know that fur vest can add up to the look. See for yourself!

Buy on Amazon: $37.99

Faux Fur Vest With Plaid Shirt

Source: kellyinthecity via Instagram

The truth is that it seems that fur vests and shirts were made for each other. In case classic look is not your cup of tea, then a plaid shirt it is. Put on a pair of leather leggings, and a perfect casual look will be complete.

Buy on Amazon: $14.67

Christmas Themed Outfits With Red And White Colors

Source: racheltimmerman via Instagram

When the holidays are right around the corner, it is essential to dress up accordingly. Red and white hues are indeed the colors of Christmas. White faux fur and bright red sweater can suit the goal perfectly!

Buy on Amazon: $17.39

Elegant Belted Faux Fur Vest

Source: hollyjoannew via Instagram

The beauty of fur vests is that they can be easily introduced into any style. Classy white shirt and black leggings completed with a belted vest will grant your look that modern vibe not to mention the warmth.

Buy on Amazon: $52.99

Fur Vest And Long-Sleeved Dress

Source: racheltimmerman via Instagram

Warm long-sleeved dresses are a must when the temperature goes down. However, apart from a warm dress you need something warmer on. In times like these, the faux fur vest is your best bet. It will not only keep you warm but also will look stylish and trendy.

Buy on Amazon: $46.90


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