It is a known fact that a skirt is that one item in your wardrobe that makes you look feminine, stylish, and elegant at the same time. That is why so many girls tend to pile up all sorts of skirts in their closets, fit for various occasions. However, there is one kind of skirt that remains somehow left out even these days. What we have in mind is a tulle skirt. The truth is that some ladies leave the item out since they do not know what it actually is and what to pair it with. Today, we are going to answer these questions so that you can update your wardrobe immediately.


Tulle Skirt Fashion


What Is A Tulle Skirt?

What Is A Tulle Skirt #blazer #blushskirt
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First things first, we need to figure out what a tulle material is. The truth is that this is the same material that usually brides’ veils are made of. It is either polyester or nylon that the fabric is made of. It is light and usually transparent. When we are talking about a tulle skirt, it is safe to say that it always comes with layers, and that is that one feature that makes it stand out from the rest of the skirt kin. Those who choose to sport such a skirt must be aware of the fact that it is highly essential that you pair it with your outfit right so that it does not stand out, but blends in and creates a stylish and unique look. With a proper attitude, you can introduce this type of skirt into any formal or informal look without looking out of place. We are going to present a bunch of tulle skirt looks to support the idea.

What Do You Wear With A Tulle Skirt?

What Do You Wear With A Tulle Skirt #printedsweater #layeredskirt
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There is a popular opinion circling that a tulle skirt is just another name for your childhood tutu, and there is no way you are putting on anything like this. However, that is a misleading assumption since this type of skirt has nothing to do with a funny and childish look. In fact, you can easily pull off almost anything with the right kind of skirt in your closet. You can wear it to a party, office, evening out with your friends and even family dinner. The key point is to learn to pair it right with other elements of your outfit. As you proceed with the article, you will see that the options are close to being unlimited!


Tulle Skirt Outfits Ideas

Tulle Skirt With Transparent Top

Tulle Skirt With Transparent Top
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Every girl dreams about being that beautiful princess that finds her Prince Charming and lives happily ever after. However, a true princess needs a corresponding outfit, right? That is where a tulle skirt combined with a transparent top comes in irreplaceable.


Cute Outfits for Barbie Doll-look

Bright Outfits for Doll-look
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Pink Glitter Tulle Skirt With T-shirt #pinkskirt #tshirt
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Which one of you hasn’t envied those gorgeous dolls that you played with when you were little? These days are merely perfect for trying and replicating those Barbie looks you admire. All you need is a pick of style, a bit of courage, and a fabulous pink tulle skirt. As simple as that!

Skirt With Leather Jacket

Skirt With Motor Jacket #motorjacket
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Tulle Skirt Outfits With Leather Jacket
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Tutu Skirt With Hoodie and Leather Jacket
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When there is a leather jacket, there is an edgy look. However, there is a way to smooth out that rock vibe and introduce some femininity and gentleness into the look if you add a tulle skirt to it. Besides, heeled shoes with spikes all over and a matching purse would complete this gentle rock princess outlook flawlessly.

Layered Maxi Skirt With Top Outfit

Layered Maxi Skirt With Top Outfit #whitetop
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If you are looking for a dressy way to pull a tulle skirt off, we may know one. The long layered tulle skirt combined with a fancy top is exactly the idea that you need to consider, at least.


Black Tulle Skirt With Lace Top Outfit

Black Tulle Skirt With Lace Top Outfit #blacklacetop
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There is rarely anything more feminine than lace. If you think about it, it may seem that tulle and lace would look piled up, but that is not true. One look at this black tulle skirt paired with a gentle lace top will convince you that the two were made for each other.

Knitted Cardigan With Tulle Skirt Outfit

Knitted Cardigan With Tulle Skirt Outfit #knittedcardigan
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Knitted Cardigan With Ruffled Skirt
Credit photo: Instagram/marcelies

Some ladies think that tulle skirts are reserved for warmer seasons only since there is barely anything you can add on top when it is a little chilly outside. We beg to differ. The fact is that this blue tulle skirt looks marvelous with a same-shaded, knitted cardigan. Besides, even the heels do not look out of place. We think of this look as of a perfect modern Cinderella one.

Green Tulle Skirt With Black Top Outfit

Green Tulle Skirt With Black Top Outfit #greentulleskirt
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Very often, it is hard to find a tulle skirt in bold shades. They are mostly neutral. Nevertheless, that does not mean that it is impossible. If you are not afraid of wearing a tulle skirt outfit with a pinch of vibrancy to it, this green and pink mixture may be the one. Yet, you need to ensure that there is something to accent the brightness of the look.In this case, it is a black top. Outfits from 50s fashion are right here!


Classy Look With Polka Dot Tutu Skirt

Polka Dots Tulle Skirt
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Vintage looks are all the rage these days, and you can easily recreate one with the help of a gorgeous polka dot tulle skirt. As you can see, polka dot patterns are timeless and go well with almost anything.

Plus Size Layered Skirt Outfit

Plus Size Layered Skirt Outfit #plussize
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There are times when it is easy to assume that plus size clothing is a little limited when it comes to all the trends. We say that it is anything but true. This gorgeous plus size tulle skirt combined with a light polka dot blouse looks perfectly gentle and stylish. Not to mention that it complements the model greatly.

Tulle Skirt With Flannel Shirt Outfit

Midi Black Skirt With Flannel Shirt Outfit #plaidshirt #blackskirt
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Skirt With Flannel Shirt
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Those of you who are looking for a casual look with a tulle skirt to it, we have just the perfect one in mind. The truth is that there is nothing better than a flannel shirt to represent the casual vibe. So, the moment you find one in your closet, add a midi tulle skirt to it, and the look is ready. Your footwear is optional, but we say that cowboy boots are the best to complete the look.


Tulle Skirt With Sweater Outfit

Tulle Skirt With Sweater Outfit #shoulderoffsweater #sweater
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Tutu Skirt With One Shoulder Sweater
Credit photo: Instagram/marcelies

It is natural to assume that blouses go well with tulle skirts, and we are not going to contradict that. However, what if it is a little colder outside, but you still do not want to wear a jacket? There is a simple way out. All you need to do is to find a matching sweater with a touch of femininity to it. What we mean by femininity is a silhouette, shoulder-off design, or anything of the kind.

Maxi Tulle Skirt With A Cut

Maxi Tulle Skirt With A Cut #maxiskirt
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All women are princesses at heart, and sometimes it feels like you want to let it out. The way you dress is the best way to succeed. At times like this, a long tulle skirt with a cut is the best option to consider. Add a tight velvet top to it in matching shades, and you will look royally irresistible.

Holiday Look With Layered Skirt

Holiday Look With Layered Skirt #layeredskirt
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When the holiday season begins, you can’t but plan all of your outfits in advance. If you are looking for something quite simple and festive-looking at the same time, then a red tulle skirt and a Christmassy sweater would make a perfect pair. Don’t forget that it is winter out there and compete the look with a matching, voluminous scarf.


All Black Outfit With Tulle Skirt

All Black Outfit With Tulle Skirt #polkadots
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When there is a formal party ahead, every lady starts to worry about what to put on in order not to look out of place. A total black look is a classy option however, the element that you combine in it may differ. A light polka dot black blouse and a midi tulle skirt is the combo to consider.

Striped Top With Layered Skirt

Striped Top With Layered Skirt #stripedtop
Credit photo: Instagram/blaireadiebee

It is extremely fun to plan tulle skirts looks when it is spring outside. The variety of options to play around with is merely limitless. Besides, bright shades deserve to have a place in your look. A multi-colored tulle dress with lots of layers, a striped top, and a pair of comfy sneakers form a great mix.

Black Tulle Skirt With Plaid Jacket Outfit

Black Tulle Skirt With Plaid Jacket Outfit #printjacket
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Who said that your professional style should be dull and predictable? A tulle maxi skirt will go well with a plaid jacket and a red top and will fit in an office environment seamlessly.


Tulle Skirt With Sweatshirt Outfit

Tulle Skirt With Sweatshirt Outfit #sweatshirt #grayskirt
Credit photo: Instagram/berlinluxstyling

There are times when it seems that sweatshirts and skirts are unmatchable. That is when you are mistaken. The truth is that a tulle skirt can go with anything as long as you sport it with your unique confidence and style. Even a pair of heeled boots do not look inappropriate here.

Don’t leave the tulle skirt out of when planning your next outfit. With all the ideas that we gathered here, there is a great chance that you will find a source of inspiration among them!

FAQ: Tulle Skirt

What goes well with a tulle skirt?

Pair a black midi tulle skirt with a black see-through blouse and a black top underneath. Finish off the look with a purse, choker and a pair of black pumps.
For a more casual look, pair a minimalistic white t-shirt with a tulle skirt and white tennis shoes.

How to DIY a tulle skirt?

  1. Fold your tulle in half and cut out several 2 inch strips about 4 feet in length (or any desired length).
  2. Take one of your tulle strips and using a simple knot technique: under, over and through; attach the tulle to your belt.
  3. Continue to add tulle the entire length of your belt.
  • The tutu is a dress worn as a costume in a classical ballet performance, often with attached bodice.[1] It may be made of tarlatan, muslin, silk, tulle, gauze, or nylon.Source