Do you want to learn the trendiest and most beautiful ways how to wear a scarf this fall? We know that you already miss the summer, but this accessory can make you fall in love with the fall. The key is to wear it right, and we have picked 48 photos to teach you how to do it.


Besides scarves, you can wear other accessories like statement earrings to look gorgeous this fall. But don’t forget that all the accessories you wear should complement each other. So, don’t overdo it!

How To Wear a Scarf with Coat


When the coat season begins, any trendy look can be finished with such a stylish accessory as a well-chosen scarf. Depending upon your style and preferences, you can play around with contrasting tones or spick a scarf that is closely related to the coat’s hue. Wrap it around your neck or let it hang loose – the choice is yours!


How To Wear a Scarf with Jacket

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There are three main ways you can wear a scarf with a jacket. Casual, classy, and edgy. No matter the style you prefer today, you can always implement a fitting scarf into it. Besides, when mere wrapping is too dull for you, you can take things further and create a shapely twist with its help to make you stand out.

Ideas to Wear a Scarf for Spring and Fall Seasons

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It is a false assumption that scarves are for coats and jackets only. You can easily introduce one when putting a new dress on. Such an approach is super useful when the mornings are still chilly, and the afternoons make you want to shed your skin. Whether it is a knitted scarf, the one with a pattern – as long as you see it fit – you can rock it on!


How To Wear a Scarf In Winter

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When winter comes, it is not enough to look stylish. It is vital to keep yourself warm too. All sorts of knitted and woolen scarves will fit the season well. Besides, the fashion industry has managed to produce clothing items that are not only trendy but practical too. See for yourself!

Scarf as a Colorful Accent

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Rectangular scarves are often made of wool, blended materials, silk, and cotton. They can be knitted, as well, especially cold weather variants. The designs involve plaids, florals, stripes, solids, and prints.

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You may still be unaware of the fact that scarfs are not entitled to cold seasons only. When the summer is here, you can use a light, silk, or cotton scarf as a perfect accessory that transforms even the simplest idea into a fashionable masterpiece.


FAQ: How To Wear A Scarf

What are creative ways to wear an oversized blanket scarf?

  • Take an oversized blanket scarf, fold it in half diagonally so make a big triangle. Take both ends and crisscross them over the back and pull them forward, you can tuck the ends in or tie the ends in the front.
  • Form a triangle roll it under to shorten it up a bit and place it over the shoulders. Take the ends and tie them. If you want your ends to be the same length, take the longer one and pull it underneath then put the end through the loop of the knot.

What are creative ways to wear a free people scarf?

  • Wrap it around while keeping one side a little shorter, wrap the other end around and tuck both ends in the middle.
  • Wrap it around, shorten one side to the length that you want and wrap the longer part around two times.
  • Place the scarf around with one side shorter, take the longer side and tie it in a knot then loop it around, pull it through and pull it tight. Repeat that three times. Loosen up your knot.
  • Grab the scarf on both ends and pull each side around your neck making sure the ends and the neckline of it are even.