Cute Ways How to Wear a Scarf This Fall

48 Ideas How To Wear A Scarf

Do you want to learn the trendiest and most beautiful ways how to wear a scarf this fall? We know that you already miss the summer, but this accessory can make you fall in love with the fall. The key is to wear it right, and we have picked 48 photos to teach you how to do it.


Besides scarves, you can wear other accessories like statement earrings to look gorgeous this fall. But don’t forget that all the accessories you wear should complement each other. So, don’t overdo it!

Top Ideas How To Wear A Scarf

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As for items of clothes, you can wear a scarf with everything, even with crop tops. Just make sure that it’s warm enough outside. However, typically scarves are worn with a jacket. In this case, a bigger scarf can soften up your look a bit.


Newest Outfit Ideas With Scarves

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When wondering how to wear a scarf, mind that the color of your scarf should match at least one item of clothes in your outfit. For example, it may be in the same color as your shirt. But of course, scarves in black, white, and grey go with everything.

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To grab people’s attention, you can wear a scarf in an unusual way, for example, with a belt. Pick a large scarf that reaches your thighs or even knees. Wear it on top of your trench coat and then fasten a belt around your waist. Let the scarf be in brighter colors than other items.


How To Wear A Scarf - Texture Contrast

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Besides preventing you from becoming cold, a scarf is an amazing accessory that can immediately alter the way how your outfit looks. Many women love this significant accessory because it is not very expensive except for those scarves made by famous fashion designers.

How To Wear A Scarf - Clashing Prints

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Scarves are made of various materials and come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them have a fringe, others are decorated with different embellishments. The way how to wear a scarf depends on its size and your style.


How To Wear A Scarf - Around The Neck

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How to Wear a Scarf - Around the Neck

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As for the shapes, there are rectangular, square, loop, and Pashmina scarves. Rectangular scarves are considered to be the most popular nowadays. Their longevity allows you to wear them the way you wish, knotted, looped, or even loose.

How To Wear A Scarf - Adding Color

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Rectangular scarves are often made of wool, blended materials, silk, and cotton. They can be knitted, as well, especially cold weather variants. The designs involve plaids, florals, stripes, solids, and prints.


How To Wear A Scarf: Adding Color

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Square scarves are not so popular today, but they are still considered to be gorgeous. The most common types are a neckerchief, a bandanna, and a headscarf. The most wide-spread designs are plaids, florals, stripes, solids, and prints made of silk, blended materials, wool, and cotton.

How To Wear A Scarf - Against The Face

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Loop scarves are so easy to wear that more and more people tend to pick them. There is no need to bother how to wear it, you just put it on and go out. Cold weather types are made of wool, silk, and cotton blends. Some of them are knitted.


How To Wear A Scarf - Against The Face

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The real Pashmina scarves are quite costly. These scarves are named after the Kashmir Pashmina goat because its wool is used for making this accessory. Cheaper variants are made of cashmere, cotton, or a pashmina/silk blend.