Jeans for women: every prominent designer wish he or she had invented them. What can be more spectacular, more practical, more nonchalant, and more relaxed than women's colored denim jeans? It is crucial to realize what every woman hopes for in her outfits, and that would be expression and sex appeal, but also simplicity and modesty. And this is all about colored denim jeans.


Once being an oversized dull-colored item of clothes for blue collar workers, today we see colorful jeans presented in various shapes that are designed to compliment a woman’s body.

And here we would like to discuss the most relevant and popular designs for women and their benefits. And in the meantime, let’s focus on the basic division that can be applied to any pair.

Moving on, let’s see trendy designs of jeans and learn who can sport them and why.

Newest Jeans Designs For Women

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  • Jeans with a high rise. A woman whose waist is narrow can definitely rock such jeans. The high rise is also great for you in case you are mature and opt for a smoother and leaner fit. Who can’t sport the high rise? The high rise can elongate the long torso and thus create even more disproportion. Also, don’t go for it if your waist is straight rather than narrow.
  • Jeans with a mid rise. If your legs have no flaws, then the mid rise can work for you. Top heavy ladies can totally sport the mid rise, too. But if your thighs and legs are curvy and short, it is advisable to stay away from this rise.
  • Jeans with a low rise. You can go for the low rise in case your body is slim and has no heavy parts. And to the contrary, never opt for an item with the low rise if your body is curvy or you have a thick belly.


Flare Jeans For Women

One thing about women’s jeans is that the older styles keep coming back into fashion. And this is especially true for flare jeans this season. However, shopping for flare jeans womens can be quite tricky, as they do not easily hem so you need to make sure that you buy flare jeans that best flatter your shape. Read on for advice on how to choose the right flare jeans, as well as some advice on styling your look.

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Tips for Choosing Flare Jeans
  1. Petite women should avoid wide flare jeans at all costs. You will feel lost in flare jeans with your tiny frame. Opt for straight flare jeans that are tapered at the thighs as these will help elongate your legs. Boots with heels or wedges will add height to your petite frame for a balanced and stylish look.
  2. Tall, slender women should opt for wide or super flare jeans or high waisted flare jeans as these will be your best fit.
  3. If you carry your weight on your thighs and hips, you should also opt for wider flares that are form-fitting in the butt and thighs. This will elongate your legs and create a sexy hourglass silhouette.
  4. For those with narrow hips, boot cut, small flares are especially flattering.
  5. Invest in name brand, quality flares as they are more form fitting and will withstand plenty of wear and tear. As well, look for 1970s style flare jeans, as they are true to their name and come in a lot of styles, materials and colors.
  6. Pair your high waisted flare jeans outfit with high-heeled boots, platforms or wedges.
  7. Skinny flare jeans look great with an oversized sweater!

Have we sold you on our stylish looks for jeans for women? We hope so. So get out there and buy yourself some new jeans, you deserve it!

Why You Should To Choose Straight Jeans

As straight legged jeans are all the rage right now, you will want to be sure to choose the right straight leg jeans body type for you. As many women can attest, straight leg jeans are the best fitting jeans ever!

But how do you choose the best straight legged jeans for your body? Just read our helpful hints on how to wear straight leg jeans! We are sure you will be able to find ways to rock those straight jeans!

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Modern Yet Classic Jeans for Women

With all of the new styles of women’s jeans, it’s easy to get swept away in the latest and greatest fashion trends. However, you should not overlook classic denim jeans as they are extremely flattering and still stylish. Classic straight legged jeans will give you a clean and contemporary look is tailed enough to compliment almost anything in your current wardrobe. And best of all, they are available in all of your favorite washes and colors with fashionable yet minimal detailing.

Detailing for a More Contemporary Look

If you love straight legged jeans, but want a bit of a more contemporary look and feel, you can opt for straight leg ripped jeans for women. Or you can wear low rise jeans or jeans with extra pockets.

Distressed or destroyed jeans for women are also very trendy and still flattering for those who want straight legged jeans.

How to Rock Your Straight Jeans

There are so many ways to style your straight jeans to make them work for almost any look. You can wear them with a classic shirt and your favorite tennis shoes for a casual vibe. Or if you want a more sexy look, why not wear a black blazer and your sexiest black stilettos? How about a lacy red cami and red kitten heels? As you can see, the positives for styling and accessorizing your straight jeans are endless!

Add a few pairs of classic, ripped or distressed straight leg jeans to your wardrobe and you are ready for anything


How To Choose Perfect Skinny Jeans

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Curvy Women

Choosing skinny jeans for women s plus size is not as hard as it sounds. Ladies with curves in all the right places can totally rock skinny jeans. We recommend tucking your skinny jeans into knee-high or mid calf boots to help better portion your legs.

Slender Women

If you are more on the slender side, you should opt for low rise skinny jeans. As well, buy skinny jeans that are tailored at the ankles and calves.

Petite Women

If you are more on the petite side, you will look best in high rise skinny jeans for formal occasions with require heels or pumps. However, for a more casual vibe low rise skinny jeans are your best bet.

Tall Women

As with boyfriend jeans, taller women can rock any style and fit of skinny jeans. However, it is best to opt for mid to high rise jeans. However, if you want to make your legs look a bit shorter, you can totally rock low rise jeans as well!

Fashion Tips for Skinny Jeans
  1. Don’t purchase skinny jeans that are too long or too short. Ankle length works best if you want to totally rock those sexy legs in your skinny jeans!
  2. Don’t be afraid to go up a size. They’re called “skinny jeans” for a reason. If they don't’ glide on easily, go up a size. Yes, you want your skinny jeans to fit snugly, but you also need to be able to move about without feeling constricted!
  3. Avoid skinny jeans that have the “camel toe” effect. You want to leave yourself plenty of room in the crotch region!

As always, avoid big or bulging back pockets and pockets with too much detailing, as they are very unflattering to your backside.

How To Choose Boyfriend Jeans For Women

Boyfriend jeans are a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Deep down, we all secretly adore boyfriend jeans ripped or not! However, if you don’t choose boyfriend jeans that are proportioned to your body size and type, you could end up looking like a fashion disaster.

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This is where we come in, we have some great tips on how to choose the best fitting boyfriend jeans for your body frame! But first pay attention to these helpful hints for finding the best boyfriend jeans:

  1. Avoid larger pockets as they are not flattering.
  2. Choose a washed or faded look for a natural look and feel.
  3. If you want your legs to look longer, opt for boyfriend jeans with a slim cuff.
  4. Don’t be afraid to buy jeans that are just a bit too tight as they will stretch the more you wear them.
How to Choose Boyfriend Jeans if You Have Curves

If you are lucky enough to have curves in the right places and have an hourglass, apple or pear shape, you should stick with slim-fitting boyfriend jeans. Baggier jeans will only make you look bigger as they have a lot of extra material.

How to Choose Boyfriend Jeans if You Are Slender

If you have a more boyish and slender figure, you can rock baggier jeans if you are on the taller side. However, if you are petite in stature, you should stick with slim fitting boyfriend jeans.

How to Choose Boyfriend Jeans if You are Petite

If you are petite, you should definitely stick with skinny or tapered legs jeans. If you wear baggy jeans that are too long, you will look out of proportion to your body frame. If you are very petite in stature, you should opt for jeans with tapered legs as they will enhance the shape of your legs while offering a bit of a slouch for comfort. Avoid cropped boyfriend jeans as these will only make you appear much shorter.


Stylish Outfit Ideas With Jeans

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If you are tall, you can pretty much get away with wearing any style of boyfriend jeans. You will be able to pull of baggier jeans without a problem and you will totally be able to rock cropped boyfriend jeans.

Stylish Looks With Jeans

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To finish off your look, add a brightly colored bag, jacket or scarf to make your flare jeans outfit pop!

FAQ: Jeans for Women

How to choose a right pair of jeans?

Make sure there is little space between the end of the zipper and the crotch. If there is too much space, it is going to catch your movements and make your stomach look bigger.
Back pockets should not be too big and too far apart. Look at where your butt crease would be: just lay the jeans flat and imagine an invisible line, if you see a space between the end of the pocket and the butt crease, that’s going to make your butt look plump.
Hang your jeans to dry to keep them stretchy. High heat of the dryer will burn elastane in them and make your jeans baggy.

How to find out if your jeans fit?

Take a pair of jeans, make sure they are buttoned up. Wrap them around. If there is an extra slack, they are going to be a little bit big on the waist. On the other hand, if you can’t get the jeans to touch around your neck, that is going to be a really tight fit on the waist and you should probably size up.