By: | Updated: 08/29/2018

Wear Cocktail Dresses With Confidence

Let’s talk about cocktail dresses today. We all have heard the term, but do we know what it means?

A cocktail gown or dress is a gown for wearing to cocktail parties, black tie or semi-formal occasions. Its length is typically long, but shorter dresses are also popular. Tea length gowns end just above an ankle, and ballerina length gowns are a bit lower and touch an ankle. Shorter gowns are worn to semi-formal events.

As for the term itself, it was first used by Christian Dior in 1940-s. And before that time, in other periods of history, such dresses were called ‘late afternoon’ and ‘dancing costumes.’

Now let’s explore numerous styles of a cocktail party dress for women and help you choose the best cocktail dress wherever you go.

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