Boyfriend Jeans: How To Choose And Match

Boyfriend jeans, who does not love this style? However, we must admit that it takes some effort to find the pair that will work great for your body shape. The ideal pair should flatter your butt and not appear way too sloppy, be in a pleasing and slimming color and also be to your taste.


There are so many designs presented on the market. Truly, the choice is more than wide. And each design has its perks. But we would like to give you some universal tips that will help you pick the most complimenting cut at any shop, from any collection. Let’s get ready for your next shopping.

Choose The Slimmer Cut

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All boyfriend jeans are a bit oversized. However, the goal is to pick the pair of a slimmer cut so that another person won’t be able to fit in them with you. The right cut will be a bit loose, but not too loose. So, when picking boyfriend jeans Kohls, boyfriend jeans Forever 21, it is advisable to pay attention to the size chart. Producers tend to have different size charts, especially when their factories are based in different countries.


How To Choose Right Length

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Cropped jeans should still make you appear polished and lean. And stylists believe that you can achieve that if the length of the jeans is approximately three inches above the ankles in a rolled state. Roll them higher – the jeans will resemble not complimenting capris, roll them lower – the jeans will not flatter you, too. The right length will ensure that your legs appear slim. And keep in mind that some producers have special lines for petite women, for example. So, the length for not tall women won’t be right for taller women. Always try on clothes before buying.

Jeans In Darker Shades Are Always Winning

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Darker shades always make us appear slimmer. The same concerns boyfriend jeans. To make your legs appear slim, go for medium-dark shades of denim instead of lighter-blues. And remember that it’s better to buy jeans in darker shades from producers with the flawless reputation like boyfriend jeans American Eagle, boyfriend jeans Levis, boyfriend jeans Gap, as thus you can be sure that the color won’t fade away after several washes.


Pair The Jeans With Feminine Shoes

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Feminine shoes will match the boyfriend jeans perfectly. Stick to thinner strappy sandals, cute ballet flats, and classic pumps. Booties can work too, but pick a pair that has a feminine flair, staying away from masculine and chunky designs.

Complete The Look With Structured Top

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Structured, girly tops will match looser jeans, and that is a fact. So, create the balance, and your image will be quite polished. Don’t make it look as if you threw on oversized jeans by accident. Instead, show that you wore loose jeans deliberately.


Newest Ideas How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

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There are many designs of boyfriend jeans in stores right now, we have collected a host of styles to suit all tastes. From two-tone to ripped, choose for your ultimate pair and get inspired by some outfits for restyling them now.

Street Style Inspiration - How To Match Boyfriend Jeans

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We hope that now it is clear for you how to pick boyfriend jeans of the right cut and how to match this design with other clothes. Come back for more useful info.

FAQ: Boyfriend Jeans

What’s the difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are normally mid-rise, but they can be low-rise or high-rise. Mom jeans are high-rise jeans. The zipper area is the key distinction between boyfriend jeans and mom jeans. Traditional mom jeans have a tapered leg, while others have a straight leg.

Why boyfriend jeans are the best?

The best boyfriend jeans are the ultimate of comfort and casual style, thanks to their loose shape. The ideal pairs have a loose fit through the hip and leg, with no additional fabric to completely engulf you. Boyfriend jeans are available in a variety of washes, with a lighter wash looking even more relaxed.

What are Levis mom jeans called?

As we prepare to honor our mothers and all they’ve done for us this week, we’re paying tribute to our favorite mother figure: the high-rise fit also called the mom jean. High-rise fits are now more popular than ever, according to the Washington Post, and are one of the most comfortable designs fueling the denim industry surge in the United States.