Top Destinations For Those Who Enjoy Solo Travel

Maybe you’ve been afraid of solo travel and it has held you back. You are concerned for your safety and unsure that you could enjoy travelling on your own. Traveling solo can be extremely and extremely rewarding and enriching experience. You just have to remember to use common sense and do a little research before you travel.


If you are an avid fan of traveling solo, there are the best places to visit in the world and embrace their beauty.

Solo travel can be so much fun. Traveling solo can open up a whole new world. Also you can set your own agenda and go at your own pace. The world is your oyster, nothing or no one is holding you back.

In this article, we will give you the top countries for solo travel that are both safe and fun. So pack your bags, book your flight and get ready for adventure!


Tunisia is the perfect budget travel destination. Also, it is perhaps the most liberal and progressive country in the Muslim culture. You can explore the mosques, souks vie and cafes while enjoying Islamic and French colonial art exhibits. Lounge on the sandy Mediterranean beaches with crystal clear blue water in the summer. Females traveling solo can feel totally safe, comfortable and secure. The combination of European and African and Arabic cultures make Tunisia one of the safest countries for solo travel.



Canada is rich in both natural resources and history. No matter what time of year you go, you can find something to do in Canada. Whether you want to relax and explore Niagara Falls, go skiing in the winter or take part in mountain climbing, white water rafting or horseback riding, there is no end of things to do in Canada. If you prefer the city life, check out Toronto, Vancouver or Quebec. All three are well known for their quaint boutiques, exquisite cafes, theaters, extensive art exhibits and theater and cinema. The nightlife is also worth checking out if you enjoy clubbing or just relaxing in a jazz lounge with a cocktail. Canada is one of the safest destinations for solo travel.


Germany is one of the friendliest and hospitable countries in all of Europe. It is world renown for it’s famous breweries. There are all types of festivals year round, including beer festivals and of course you can’t miss Oktoberfest. With its cobbled streets, historical castles and gorgeous vineyards, you won’t lack for things to do in this gorgeous country. No matter if you are a city-dweller or nature-lover, you will love everything about Germany. And it’s one of the safest places for solo travel.



And while you’re in Europe, check out the Netherlands. Holland is one of the number one counters for traveling solo. Explore the cobbled roads and farmers markets in Maastricht, or ride the canals in Amsterdam. If you are traveling during the winter, you can even go ice skating on the canals. And the Netherlands is also the home to many impressive ski resorts. No matter what time of year, the Netherlands will not disappoint even the pickiest solo traveler.


With skiing during the winter months and cycling for those who prefer the warmer client, Sweden will not disappoint the adventurous lover of nature. With acres of forest and endless lakes you can forget about life for awhile, relax and take in the gorgeous scenery that Sweden has to offer as one of the best solo travel destinations.



When most people think of Vietnam, they picture a country that has been torn apart by one of the most devastating wars to date. However, Vietnam is one of the most naturally beautiful countries with its extensive coastline and jungles. You can explore history and take part in the couture. With its humble natives, Vietnam is one of the top countries for traveling solo.


Music lovers as well as nature lovers alike will be enthralled by everything Austria has to offer. From hiking in the summer to skiing in the winter, the gorgeous mountains of Austria are waiting for you! You can sit in a cafe in Salzburg and sip coffee after learning about Mozart or explore the beauty and history of Vienna. Austria is one of the top destinations for traveling solo and you will not be disappointed.


Whether you go for the pubs or the history, Ireland will not disappoint! It is one of the most scenic counties full of history and culture. If you are a foodie, check out Dublin for it’s cuisine and of course, the pubs. If you are music lover, the Irish music scene is calling you. Have a pint, or an Orange Fizz, while enjoying a plate of fish and chips. Explore castles and villas and take in the gorgeous countryside. Ireland is one of the greatest places for those who wish to travel solo.



Laos is one of the hidden gems of Southeast Asia with its historical cities and natural beauty. Explore your spiritual side in Laung Praban, which is known of for it’s devotion to Buddhism as well as its rich royal history. Laos may not be as popular as some of the other countries in Southeast Asia, but it is one of the safest for the solo traveler.

Costa Rica

The fact that Costa Rica has no need for armed forces reiterates the fact that it is among one of the safest countries for solo travel. It is known for it’s eco-friendly tourism and abundance of nature and adventure. Whether you want to explore geysers or violations or raft the Reventazon River, you won’t be disappointed. You can either reside at a luxury beach town resort or an exotic jungle lodge.


Japan is known for its excellent sushi, rich history and the amazing hospitality of its native citizens. You will feel completely safe traveling solo in this exotic country with its temples, farmers markets, and museums. You might have to get used to the sparse accommodations, but if you are traveling solo, they are just perfect!