By: | Updated: 06/16/2017

Best Solutions on How to Get Better Skin and Hair, and Nails While You Sleep

Everyone loves sleeping, whether they admit it or not. And the old adage about “beauty sleep” is in fact true. Sleep is necessary as it allows our body to relax and detox. Sleep also rejuvenates our dead cells and tissues. And we all want better skin, so sleep is beneficial to keep our skin healthy!

We all wonder how to lighten skin and get healthier hair, but not everyone has the time and/or money to spend on fancy salon treatments and expensive hair and skin care products.

9 Tips For Better Skin and Hair While You Sleep

Even the best under eye concealer cannot hide the lack of skin care. So, I have compiled a list of some “lazy girl” beauty tips that can help give you better skin and hair. Best of all, these are all tips you can do before bedtime, or better yet, while you sleep!

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