Do you know that Moroccan oil and Argan oil are one and the same? Pressed from the kernels of the fruit of the Argan tree, which grows only in Morocco, you see where the name is derived from now? The price of the oil is rather high due to the fact that the tree only grows in a very small area. The oil smells like nuts and is light brown in color. It also has a rather thick consistency compared to most oils.


Read on to explore why using this oil will benefit you.

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Must Knows Of Moroccan Oil Industry

Must Knows Of Moroccan Oil Industry

Here are some interesting facts:

  • The region where the Argan tree grows is protected by UNESCO.
  • Local Moroccan people control the production of the oil.
  • The money from the Argan oil segment is used for education, health care, job creation for the local tribes called Berber.
  • Actually, the Argan oil segment produces for about 10 percent of Moroccans, thus sustaining 3.5 million lives.


Benefits Of Moroccan Oil

Benefits Of Moroccan Oil #benefits

The moisturizing properties of Moroccan oil come from the high amount of fatty acids. With the vitamin E and natural antioxidants it assists in maintaining hydration of the hair and prevents the hair from becoming breakable. The use of Moroccan oil for hair benefits has become widely accepted and encouraged in the hair industry.

How To Use Moroccan Oil

How To Use Moroccan Oil #hairtreatment
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This oil is available for purchase to the public not merely the professional hairstylist. It should be used the same way you would use any other hair mask. You simply apply an even coat of oil to the hair and allow it to infuse for as long as necessary. The drier and more brittle your hair may be the longer the oil should stay on. Once you feel the oil has done its job you then wash your hair. Once completed you will discover the answer to the question of is Moroccan oil good for your hair. That answer is a resounding yes! As made obvious by your smooth, gleaming hair.


Many Advantages Of Moroccan Oil

Many Advantages Of Moroccan Oil #longhair
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There are many advantages to using Morroccan oil on your hair. We need to understand the advantages of using argan oil. It helps to prevent split ends, controls frizziness, gives hair a beautiful lustrous shine, repairs as well as assists in styling. It can be purchased in various locations such as salons, drug stores, department stores, specialized hair and skin care specialty stores and even on eBay.

How Moroccan Oil Can Improve Your Hair

Moroccan Oil Can Improve Your Hair #beforeandafterhair
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  1. Getting rid of those split ends. Consistent use of Moroccan oil helps to eliminate the split ends issue because the oil penetrates deep inside the hair shaft making the hair stronger and reducing the risk of split ends.
  2. If your hair is frizzy then you should try the oil as well. Argan oil has several enriching qualities like omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids and vitamin E and it smoothes hair without weighing it down too heavily. Just a few drops rubbed between the hands is sure to tame those pesky fly-aways.
  3. Once your hair becomes strong and in good physical shape it gains its natural shine. If you’re desiring to treat your dead looking hair treat your hair weekly with a Moroccan oil hair mask.
  4. If you’re hair has suffered damage from styling products such as blow drying and straighteningargan oil can help tremendously.
  5. The products you use on your hair can make your hair heavy and oily. The use of Moroccan oil doesn’t weigh your hair down it nourishes and protects it while helping in the styling process as well.


Beware Of Imitations

Beware Of Imitations #skincare
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Did you know that an argan tree can take up to 50 years before it bears any fruit. No fruit means no oil for the beauty benefits. With that statement it is important that you realize that Moroccan oil is expensive due to the rareness of the product.

There are also imitations, so if you feel like you’re getting a deal you should read the contents carefully. You should ensure that the label on the bottle specifies that the product you are purchasing is 100% argan oil. Also one should pay attention to the packaging. Pure Moroccan oil should be in a dark colored bottle. If the oil is exposed to light it’s quality can decline quickly.

Pure Moroccan Oil Benefits #arganoilnatural
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If you’re confused by our descriptions constantly jumping back and forth in reference to the oil as argan and Moroccan the reason is simple. You may be asking what is argan oil? The answer is elementary. The nut or fruit from which the oil is derived grows on the argan tree. The argan tree grows only in Morocco. Therefore you have morrocanargan oil.

So there really is no difference in Moroccan oil vs. argan oil, they are the same product with two different names.

Argan Oil And It’s Many Beauty’s And Benefits

Argan Oil And It’s Many Beauty’s And Benefits #beauty
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The ladies of Morocco have relied on the argan oil for hundreds of years. The Berber women are indigenous to Morocco. They typically consume argan oil for breakfast by dipping bread in it or drizzling it over pasta. It takes around 8 hours to extract enough oil to fill a 1 liter bottle. It is very hard strenuous work and it is performed mostly by the women. Research shows that sales from the oil is directly responsible for feeding 10% of the population of Morocco.

One of the many benefits of argan oil for the skin is its ability to hydrate the skin. It is easily absorbed through the skin and can be used on every part of the body. IT has also been known to ward off warts, decrease eczema as well as scars and even battle skin cancer! Some additional benefits are reducing wrinkles, fades sunspots as well as stretchmarks, revives skins elasticity, a strong anti-aging agent and can even protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Additional Truths About Argan oil #naturalproduct
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In additional to the general hair and skin benefits we will list some additional truths about Argan oil below. Some of them may just surprise you.

  1. Drives those bad cholesterol numbers down
  2. Acts as an anti-inflammatory
  3. Helps with digesting food
  4. Moisturizes skin and lips
  5. Replenishes dry feet and hands
  6. Soothes razor burn and shaving irritation
  7. Excellent exfoliator
  8. Immune system booster
  9. Reduces and even eliminates acne
  10. Remedy for sunburns plus is a great natural sunblock
  11. Reduces the severity of chicken pox
  12. Heals psoriasis
  13. Is great for hair and nail growth
  14. Stabilizes blood sugar levels

Argan oil is a wonder oil of sorts and it is only fitting that the argan tree is often referred to as the tree of life. I would highly suggest acquiring some and reaping its many benefits.

FAQ: Moroccan Oil

Is Moroccan Argan oil a heat protectant?

Unlike different fixed oils that usually begin to break down at 300oF or lower, Moroccan Argan oil can face up to better temperatures (up to 420oF) so that you can properly use it as a great hair heat protectant. When using Moroccan Argan oil, you don’t have to worry about frying your locks with a straightening iron or curling wand.

Is Moroccan shampoo sulphate free?

Shampoos and conditioners containing Moroccan Argan oil are soft, easy-to-use and ready to rock, giving your locks lasting moisturization to the driest and most damaged hair. This repairing formula is alsolutely free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens.