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Razored Shag With Curtain Bangs

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Razored Shag With Curtain Bangs #longhair #wavyhair #layeredhair #bangs #shaggy

While the classic shag haircut is achieved with scissors, you can go for a more distinctive and contemporary look of a razored shag. To complement this idea, it’s better to combine it with curtain bangs of the same thickness. As for styling, nothing can compare to its wavy variation: everything is so effortless and seamless!

Long Wavy Shag For Thin Hair

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Long Wavy Shag For Thin Hair #longhair #wavyhair #layeredhair #shaggy

Swirling layers and edgy ends can really say goodbye to your weak, thinner locks. Yes, when dealing with hair that lacks volume, texturizing is crucial. But don’t worry: it will volume up each strand, working on the ends only.

Long Choppy Shag With Thin Bangs

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Long Choppy Shag With Thin Bangs #longhair #wavyhair #bangs #shaggy

Has your hair ever had a twisty look like this? The hair is noticeably full, and each wave stands out in its own, choppy way. Isn’t that a truly perfect look that every thick chevelure deserves? Pair it with a thin curtain bang and be ready to catch people’s eyes.

Shaggy Messy Layers

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Shaggy Messy Layers #layeredhair #messyhair

We’ve got good new for those who love messy and tousled looks! With shaggy layers, the charm of chaotically styled strands will reach the next level. Of course, once you combine messy styling with the power of layers, you will forget about thin hair troubles and make volume stay.

Now that you know how many shag variations there are, including those that you can design yourself, it’s time for you to give one of them a try. A shag haircut is all about getting the most of your texture and taking your cut to the next level. Let the upgrade into your life!

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