Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Until recently, white vinegar has been the vinegar of choice. Although white vinegar still has many benefits, apple cider vinegar is surpassing it by far in recent years. ACV has been proven to cure everything from colds to coughs to hiccups. It can even be beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes, heart issues, and certain types of cancer.


Do you know that you can even lose weight consuming this liquid mixed with water every morning? In the following article, we will highlight some of the most practical health benefits for apple cider vinegar.

It can relieve sore throats

Apple cider vinegar can relieve your sore throat. As soon as you notice your throat is sore or scratchy, you can mix ¼ cup warm water with ¼ cup ACV and gargle every one to two hours. A lot of germs cannot withstand the ultra-acid powers of vinegar. This simple remedy can cure your sore throat before it starts.


It can whiten teeth

Beautiful women have a beautiful smile. To have white teeth, Garble with water and ACV in the morning to help whiten teeth, remove ugly stains and kill nasty bacteria in your gums and mouth. Then brush straight away as too much ACV can wear away at the enamel of your teeth.

It has been proven to help lower cholesterol

Apple cider vinegar can help lower bad cholesterol due to the high levels of acetic acid. Drinking half an ounce of apple cider vinegar a day with water was proven to lower cholesterol in a study in Japan. More extensive research is needed, but overall, ACV has been known to drastically lower cholesterol levels.


It can prevent heartburn and indigestion

If you suffer from recurring heartburn or frequent indigestion, you should take 1 tsp of ACV with 1 tsp of honey and add it to a glass of warm water 30 minutes before you eat. The acidic properties in ACV have been proven to fight heartburn.

It can naturally boost energy

Life today is so fast-paced and can often be stressful. Stress causes lactic acid to build up in our systems which causes us to feel fatigued and irritable. The amino acids present in ACV can give our bodies a natural boost. The enzymes and potassium found naturally in ACV can give you a boost to get through the day or give you extra energy before a workout. Simply add 1-2 tbsp of ACV to a glass of chilled water or vegetable juice to give you a quick boost.


It can fight bad breath

Bad breath may be a common problem, but no one wants to have offensive breath. If brushing regularly and mouthwash don’t cut it for you, simple gargle with some apple cider vinegar or drink 1 tsp of it to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. If you can't’ handle it straight, you can dilute it with some water.

It can help fade bumps and bruises

ACV contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the appearance of bumps and bruises. Simply dab on a small amount with a cotton ball or apply an apple cider vinegar compress to fade away bruises.

It can help prevent leg cramps

If you experience frequent leg cramps, it could be a sign that you need more potassium in your diet. ACV is rich in position so it can help relieve those annoying nighttime leg cramps. Simply mix 2 tbsp ACV and one tsp honey with warm water and drink before bed. This will help your sore and tired legs feel relaxed so you can sleep through the night.


It can clear up acne issues

ACV is a great remedy for acne problems. It is a natural skin toner with its strong antibacterial properties as well as the lactic and malic acids that act as an exfoliant. Simply rinse with a mixture of ACV and warm water to reduce acne, red spots and also maintain the pH balance of your skin.

It can help get rid of dandruff

ACV also is effective at treating dandruff as the acidic properties it contains can help the pH levels in your scalp, with prevent dandruff from appearing. All you need to do is mix ¼ of water with ¼ ACV in a spray bottle and spray it on your scalp. Then wrap your head in a towel and let it sit for up to an hour before washing as usual. Or you can wash as usual and then rinse with the same mixture. You can apply this treatment twice a week for oily hair or once every 2 weeks for dry hair.

It can boost weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you should drink ACV with water before meals. The acetic acid will increase your metabolism, reduce water retention and help suppress your appetite. It is also believed that it prevents the body from digesting starch which equals fewer calories in your body.


It can cure hiccups

The acidic properties of ACV can help stop hiccups right away. It over stimulates the nerves in the throat that caused the spasms that produce hiccups. Take 1-2 tbsp of ACV straight up or with a glass of water to stop hiccups in their tracks.

It can help eliminate cold symptoms

The second you feel a cold coming on, mix a tsp of ACV in a glass of water to help clear your sinuses and prevent growth of terms. ACV contains a great deal of potassium, which is proven to thin out mucus and help fight cold and flu symptoms.

It can help lower blood sugar levels

For those who have been diagnosed with high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes taking 2 tbsp ACV before bed can help lower your glucose levels while you sleep. This is believed to be due to the antiglycemic effects of the high acidity levels of ACV.


It can help cure stomach issues

If you have an upset stomach or diarrhea, apple cider vinegar can help fight the bacteria that is causing your stomach issues. It contains pectin which is known to help ease intestinal spasms. Add 2 tbsp to water and drink it down to cure your tummy troubles.

It can help relieve pain from jellyfish stings

There are many theories about way to relieve the excruciating pain from a jellyfish sting... from urine to hot water. However, it has been proven that ac vinegar does in fact relieve the biting sting from jellyfish.

It can help promote good bone health

It can promote good bone health due to the fact that its acidic properties can help balance the pH levels in your body. This can help prevent osteoporosis in women and help keep your bones stronger as you age.


It can safely clean veggies and fruits

With so many recent scares of E Coli and Salmonella outbreaks, everyone wants to ensure that their produces is thoroughly cleaned before consumption. It has been proven to significantly kill the pathogens and germs in produce. All you need to do is fill an empty spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar and spray it on your fruits and veggies then rinse before eating.

Helps Prevent Type II Diabetes

Studies have indicated that apple cider vinegar can help control insulin levels and thus lower blood sugar. It one such study, those who took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar at night saw their blood sugar levels decrease up to 6 percent overnight.

Helps Cure Sinuses Issues

Since it helps break up mucus, apple cider vinegar benefits in the prevention and treatment of colds and sinus infections. Sip some water and apple cider vinegar to help clear up your sinuses and breathe easier.


Remove Warts

Warts are both unsightly and uncomfortable. The over the counter wart removers are harsh and abrasive. And having a doctor remove a wart can be painful and physically scarring. You can soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and cover the wart. Leave it covered with a Band-Aid overnight (or medical tape) and the wart will either shrink until it disappears or falls off on its own.