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Cat’s Mask Makeup Idea To Look Perfect This Halloween

Cat Mask Halloween Makeup #catmask #catmakeup

This cat’s mask makeup look is super sexy and flirty. We love the thick lashes and sparkly black mask and lipstick. Take the sexy kitten look to new heights with this enticing look.

Source: gorejessfx via Instagram

Pearl Sugar Skull Makeup

Pearl Sugar Skull Makeup

This take on sugar skull art is very feminine and stylish. The pretty pearls give it a feminine mystique. The rose crown is glamorous and chic for a look that’s perfect for a Halloween masquerade ball.

Source: jordanliberty via Instagram

Werewolf Smokey Eye Makeup Idea

Werewolf Smokey Eye Makeup Idea

If you want makeup that’s both sexy and fierce, this werewolf look is perfect. The facial makeup isn’t too complicated but the bloody claw marks on the neck make this look ferocious and unpredictable. The colored contacts and a smokey eye effect will drive men wild.

Source: bella__makeup via Instagram

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