Kids Halloween costumes are anything but boring. They can be funny and spooky, cute and creepy, unique and quite popular, the variety of options is almost endless. Besides, so that your kid could have the best Halloween costume among their friends, you should not necessarily spend a fortune on it. The most creative costumes are those made at home. To help you out with ideas, we have put together the coolest Halloween costumes for girls, boys, and even their furry friends in the following guide.


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You can never go wrong with popular characters Halloween costumes. This is the time when your kids may become whoever or whatever they like. The number of options is endless. Tinker Bell from Peter Pen will bring a magical feel to the holiday. Mickey Mouse is a timeless classic that is always a good idea. Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman will empower your kids and help them to gain self esteem.

Find some more Halloween costumes of popular characters below:

  • Harry Potter: If your kids and their friends are Potterheads, then there is no need to look for Halloween costumes other than Harry, Ron and Hermione.
  • Alice in Wonderland: The story of Alice in Wonderland is fancied by many, if not all, children and they often choose its characters as their Halloween costumes. Apart from Alice herself, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts are also extremely popular.
  • Ghostbusters: Another great idea for friends Halloween costumes. Yet, kids may dress not only as the Ghostbusters team members but also as ghosts.
  • Star Wars: If your children are carried away by the Star Wars saga, then do not stop them when they tell you that they want to dress as Yoda, Jedi, R2-D2 or Sith for Halloween.
  • Minions: Minions must be one of the cutest Halloween costumes for kids. Yet, Gru is sometimes an even more preferable option.
  • Incredibles: Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible from Incredibles are loved by kids a lot. So, offer them to be one of these heroes for Halloween.
  • Paw Patrol: Who would not want to be in the Paw Patrol team? We have no idea. So, why don’t you dress your kids in costumes of Skye, Marshall or Chase?
  • Toy Story: Characters from Toy Story are fun and cool. Your kid will be excited to turn into Wood, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear or Forky.
  • Wizard of Oz: Who is your kid in the Wizard of Oz story? Are they Dorothy or the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion or the Tin Man? Let them choose.


Princesses and Princes

Children are always excited for Halloween. It is not only about trick or treating and candy collecting but also about transforming into an unusual character. Princesses and princes are among the most popular Halloween costumes for kids for good reason. Dressed up as royals, they feel themselves a part of a fairy tale. So, these costumes are infused with magic.

While kids can choose some random regal attires, Disney characters are their absolute favorites. Cinderella, Snow White and Elsa are the most common girl costumes for Halloween. They feature ball gowns with sparkling accents and tiaras. Boys, in their turn, often choose to emulate princes from such fairy tales as Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, etc. All you need is a cape and a jacket in a noble style.

Costumes for Family

If you are planning to go trick or treating with your kids, then you will need family costume ideas for Halloween. Apart from being fun, this is also your opportunity to bond and have a great time together. There are numerous options for Halloween family looks. They may be spooky and intricate or whimsical and simple – just anything that your imagination can come up with.

The main thing you should remember about Halloween costumes for family is that you want this holiday to be carved into your memory. So, take care to use a creative approach when picking out among all of the monsters, superheroes, wizards and other creatures existing. Are you going to be Maleficent and her daughter Mal? Or Sailor Moon and Luna? Maybe, Captain America and Thor resonate with you more? No matter your choice, make sure you have an unforgettable pastime.


Witches Costumes for Girls

Girls of all ages like to dress as witches for Halloween and no wonder. This is a great chance to bring some magic to everyday life. Since the holiday is full of mystery and charms, wearing a witch costume for Halloween allows one to pay tribute to its essence. There are plenty of wonderful witch costume ideas to choose from. They can be cute and charming or fun and creative. It all depends on your imagination and the desired look.

Traditional attire of a witch usually consists of a long gown in a black or dark color with a flowy skirt. It is often accompanied by a broomstick and a hat with a pointy end. This classic witch costume has a typical spooky Halloween feel. In case you are looking for something with a positive vibe, get a dress in pastel or light shades, adorned with shiny details. A wand goes perfectly with a good witch costume.

And do not forget that the costume can always be customized to allow your little ones to express themselves. A pretty getup in earthy colors enhanced with leaf details is a great choice for a nature witch. A cosmic print and sparking materials can be an excellent outfit for a galaxy witch, while a candy witch may garnish her costume with sweets and chocolates.

Halloween Costumes For Boys

Through boys Halloween costumes, your kids can unleash their creativity and transform into any character they are keen on. And your task is to encourage their aspirations and help them to get all the necessary things for the costume. From traditional and quite common ideas to unique and trendy ones, there are a myriad of Halloween costume options for boys.


Below, we have gathered the most interesting variations:

  • Superhero: Most kids dream of having superpowers and Halloween is the time when they can believe in themselves wearing a superhero costume, such as Batman, Captain America, Superman, Spider Man, etc.
  • Robot: The future is here and robots are all around us. So, your kid may want to dress as a robot for Halloween.
  • Monster: Since Halloween is quite a spooky holiday, boys often prefer frightening costumes of monsters and other creatures, like werewolves, vampires, dragons and others.
  • Character of a video game: If your junior is a fan of video games, then we are pretty sure that he has his favorite characters. So, this can be a great idea for his Halloween costume.
  • Astronaut: Does space appeal to your son? We cannot blame him. You can rest assured that he will be happy to rock an astronaut costume for Halloween.
  • Animal: Kids love animals. Ask your kid what is his favorite one and suggest he wear its costume for Halloween.


Best Friends Halloween Costume Ideas

For kids, no matter what they do, doing it with their best friends Halloween costumes doubles the fun and picking out kids costumes is no exception.

So, it is always a good idea to go for matching Halloween kids costumes. While, of course, they can be identical, this should not necessarily be the case. A pumpkin and a tomato, a cat and a tiger, a star and a moon, there is a wide range of Halloween costumes kids can choose from. As long as they are happy and having fun, they can wear just anything for Halloween.

Halloween Costumes For Kids And Their Furry Friends

If your kids have a pet, then can we just say how lucky they are! Children are usually inseparable from their doggos and kitties, so they must feel over the Moon if they happen to dress up in matching costumes for Halloween. Are they your superheroes? Then simply put domino masks and capes on them and they are good to go. If your pet is a little chubby, then a pumpkin Halloween costume is a perfect option for them. And such a simple accessory as a devil horns headband can become one of the best DIY Halloween costumes for kids and their furry friends.

More Ideas for Kids Halloween Costumes

It goes without saying that the variety of Halloween costumes for kids is incredibly sheer. There is an idea for any preferences and taste, be it something scary and creepy or pretty and charming. Here are some of the most fascinating kids Halloween costume ideas:

  • Pumpkin: A pumpkin is one of the Halloween symbols, so its costume is very much in tune with the holiday mood.
  • Bee: If your little cutie cannot hold still for a fraction of the time, then a bee costume may be the best choice for them. A black and yellow striped dress, antennae headband and wings are all you need for it.
  • Devil: Children may have quite a difficult character, which is why a costume of the little devil with a pitchfork and horns may be just made for them.
  • Mermaid: Little Mermaid is one of kids’ favorite characters. No wonder they love wearing a mermaid costume for Halloween so much. A sparkling tail and a top with sequins cannot leave anyone indifferent.
  • Superhero: Wearing a superhero costume will give your kid a feeling of superpowers. So, allow them to choose among the superheroes they like the most, such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther or Spider-Man.
  • Ghost: The ghost costume is one of the easiest options for Halloween. You just need to cut out holes for eyes in a white sheet and you are all set.
  • Zombie: If your kids prefer something scarier, then you can hardly think of a better option than a zombie costume. Find some ragged outfit and help them apply zombie makeup and they are good to go.
  • Dog or cat: For kids who love furry friends, turning into a dog or a cat for Halloween is a pleasant experience.
  • Ghoul or goblin: Spooky creatures remain one of the best options for Halloween. With that in mind, goblin or ghoul costumes will help your kid to collect all the candies.
  • Pirate: While Jack Sparrow is one of the most well known pirates, he is not the only one. So, your child can try on this role for Halloween in a number of ways.
  • Clown: Spooky or funny, it is up to your kids to decide what clowns they are going to be. Both are perfect for Halloween.

You cannot go wrong with these kids Halloween costumes ideas. Just a pinch of imagination and a little effort guarantee that your children are going to be in the spotlight. So, do not forget to prepare a big pumpkin basket for candy, as they are sure to collect all treats.


FAQ: Kids Halloween Costumes

What two colors are associated with Halloween?

During this magical holiday season, orange and black are the major colors utilized in Halloween house decorations, with purple being employed as an accent hue.

What are the best scary Halloween costumes?

  • A Devil.
  • Michael Myers from Halloween.
  • The Curse of La Llorona.
  • The Nun.
  • The Joker.
  • Coraline’s Mom.

How do you dress up like a little kid for Halloween?

Put on your Vans or Converse sneakers and old baggy jeans if you want to transform yourself into a modern young kid. Try a football or hockey jersey with a baseball hat, or wear a T-shirt or sweatshirt displaying your favorite hero or athlete. Add a bright towel or tiny blanket as a cape if you’re a true lover of your hero.