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13. Bright Balayage

Source: jaymz.marsters via Instagram

Bright Balayage

When the summer comes, everyone looks for some brighter colors, so why not dye your hair with some brighter colors for a stunning summer look? Choose your favorite bright colors and let your hair shine in the sun!

14. Asymmetrical Bob

Source: exteriorglam via Instagram

Asymmetrical Bob

Want to experiment with your hairstyle? Then why not try asymmetrical bob to show off your experimental and adventurous nature? This kind of hairstyle gives a lot of room for variety and can be worn slightly differently every day.

15. Trendy Undercut

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Trendy Undercut

Undercuts are very popular this year. You can change your image according to the mood. To do this, just part the hair or gather it in a top knot.

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