Rosemary Egbo

LIVES IN: Abuja, Nigeria
EDUCATION: Nnamdi Azikiwe University
EXPERIENCE AND LIFESTYLE:There is barely a person in the world who has gained something in this life, and he or she is not willing to share it with the masses. Our talented Rachel is clearly not an exception. The truth is that being a little girl, she used to give her dolls and later girlfriends the fanciest hairdos anyone could imagine. Such a hair obsession and desire to discover fresh horizons has brought her into hair fashion, and she has gained tremendous success in the industry over the years. However, practical experience is not enough, and dear Rachel chose to become also a blog writer so that she can spread her knowledge through the masses of devoted fashion fans and all the ladies who crave to look elegant and stylish on the daily basis, hair-wise. Meet Rachel Scott, our personal hair fashion guru, who knows everything about the trends before it even hits the stage!

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