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31. Layered “U” Cut

Source: _Thomart via Instagram

Mid-Length, Layered “U” Cut

This type of haircut will show off the gradual change in length, as it’s longer in the middle and somewhat shorter on the sides. No matter what type of hair you have, this haircut will add a little spice to your image.

32. Copper Shoulder-Length Layers

Source: Thefrenchtwistsalon via Instagram

Copper Shoulder-Length Layers

Pay attention to styling the ends of this hair cut. Make them either tamed or disconnected, depending on the desirable look.

33. Two-Toned Haircut

Source: O_utlooked via Pinterest

Shoulder-Length Two-Toned Hair Cut

Are you longing for a really dramatic look? Dye your hair with two different colors, – get bold and experimental! You can either slightly curl your hair or leave it straight, and no matter what you choose, your two-toned haircut will definitely be eye-catching!

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