Green nails have the power to refresh any look. But you should know what to pair them with, since not every color can be combined with green. No matter if it is your outfit or the nail design, you should mix the colors carefully. Are you ready to take your chances?


Bright Green Nail Shades

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Green manicure is quite bright on its own. Yet, you can take it to another level of boldness by opting for neon green nails. Of course, such a vivid color may not work for any occasion or even season. If you have strict office dress code rules, then you may want to postpone such a manicure until you are on vacation. In the summer neon green nails look not only more appropriate but also much brighter since they are usually lit by sunlight. As such, you can go with mint green, grass green, lime green nails or any other flamboyant shade.


Dark Green Nail Designs

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Dark green nails have a royal feel to them, take, for instance forest green or emerald green nails. So, if you want your manicure to look chic and luxurious, you can never go wrong with a deep green shade. Do not worry. You are not going to be limited in choice. There is a myriad of dark green nail variations, from a plain crème to dazzling glitter and intricate nail design. It is all up to your preference and the skillfulness of your nail tech.

Green Matte Nail Designs

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There is something really magical in matte green nails embellished with a design. Thanks to a velvety finish, your manicure comes out more subdued and textured. So, it may look suitable for semi formal ambiance or even formal in some cases. Because a matte formula is not particularly long lasting, it works better on short nails. Should you prefer a longer manicure, consider matte green acrylic nails. Design can be placed either underneath the matte coat or on top of it. Both ways it will look stunning.


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If you prefer a manicure style that would instantly catch attention, then glitter green nails are your way to go. You can apply a glitter polish only to specific nails to accentuate them or go for an all over glitter mani to bedazzle anyone who takes a glance at the tips of your fingers. Besides, it is incredibly versatile, as glitter ranges in shape, size and even finish. So, you can rest assured that you will be able to get a unique and captivating manicure.

Floral Green Nail Designs

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Floral nail art is charming and feminine. It gives off a positive and peaceful vibe. The number of designs is just mind blowing. Those who prefer a low key and simple manicure style may get away with a single flower adorning one or two nails. For ladies who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd, there is a plethora of flowery prints and designs. You can use green as a base color or create a design with it. Any shade of green will work just fine, from mint to olive green nails.


Green Mani with Accent Fingers

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All kinds of accents work perfectly for a green manicure. So as not to make it kitschy, accentuate only one or several fingers or get green tip nails instead. You can choose cute designs, pretty nail art or detailed patterns to complement your manicure. If you are not into anything overly ornate, you can simply paint your accent nails with a different shade of green or for a bolder mani style, apply contrasting colors. You can also play around with various textures and finishes, combining matte and glossy or crème and glitter nail polishes in one manicure.

Green Nail Designs Combined with Other Colors

There is arguably no such color that could not be paired with green nail designs. Even if you decide to feature hues that are complementary to green in your manicure, you will end up with bold and high contrast nails that will be the focal point of your look. In case you prefer something more traditional and color coordinated, take an earthy color palette into consideration. And whenever you are in doubt, neutral shades are always a good idea.

Stamping Ideas for Nail Designs

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If you love nail design on your mani but you are not very good at drawing, stamping is your way out. The variety of stamping plates is literally endless. You can choose a different pattern every time you do a manicure. If it does not work the way you want from the very beginning, start with something easier. With little practice, you will even be able to incorporate colorful stamping designs or multidimensional prints.


Green Nails with Nail Art

A green manicure provides you with a great opportunity to unleash your creativity. So, if you have some unusual ideas in your mind, you can bring them to life with the help of green nail art. Yet, even if you lack inspiration, no worries. We got you covered. You can always find it in the ideas we have picked out for you. Butterflies, fruit and veggies, flowers or abstract nails designs, there is an option for everyone.

FAQ: Green Nails

How to do green jade nails?

  1. Apply gel base coat and cure for 30 seconds.
  2. Apply dark green gel polish. Cure for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply milk gel polish in short strokes, dragging them out to form white streaks. Cure.
  4. Add emerald green lightly on top not covering white spots. Add streaks of black and dark green on top of it. Cure.
  5. Add hits of electric blue and blend with base color. Cure.
  6. Add new streaks of white. Cure. Finish with top coat.

How to do green manicure?

  1. Apply green color.
  2. Add matte finish on top.
  3. Take some nail glue, tweezers and green rhinestones. Glue the biggest rhinestone in the middle and place the smaller ones that form a vertical line on the nail.