With Halloween knocking on your door, it is only natural to seek inspiration for breathtaking Halloween nail art ideas. It matters not if you are an all-horror classics fan or looking for intricate patterns to complete your holiday image. We have a ready-made nail art guide at hand. Want to capture the spirit of the season and showcase your creativity? You've come to the right place! We have just the inspiring creepy crawlers to boost your festive mode and point you in the right direction!


Glow In The Dark Simple Nails

Glow In The Dark Halloween Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/classicfiednails

If you are looking for simple Halloween nail ideas, we suggest you follow Cardi B's lead and experiment with the magic of glow-in-the-dark nail art. Such charming designs will be perfect for celebrating the scariest night of the year. Besides, you can sport such a classy manicure during the daytime without drawing unnecessary attention.

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Hypnotized Halloween Nails

Hypnotized Halloween Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/sweetandsavvynails

Halloween acrylic nails are all about uniqueness and style. You can impress the masses with quite an unusual trend – hypnotized nails. Swirls, spirals, dots, and stripes can be the source of inspiration. Moreover, no inspiration is too much.

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Best Halloween Nail Ideas for You?

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Monsters Art

Monsters Halloween Nail Art
Credit photo: instagram.com/omsphoenix

How do you feel about unleashing your inner creativity(aka monster) with a tinge of playfulness to it? If you are on board, monster nails are waiting! You can choose from different monsters. Capture the true spirit of the holiday in a heartbeat, sealed in your manicure. OPI presents an impressive collection of purple colors you can choose from.


Halloween Witch Nails

Halloween Witch Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/omsphoenix

The beauty of the Halloween season is that it is possible to bring all the elements that make you tick into a single design. Whether these are ghost nails design or Halloween witch nails, you can effortlessly combine the best of Halloween's attributes. Sally Hansen offers just a range of festive shades with nude undertones to make use of.

Checkerboard and Ghosts

Checkerboard and Ghosts Halloween Nail Ideas
Credit photo: instagram.com/nails_by_dianna

Are you all in for an unusual ghost nails design? Then we suggest you keep up with a true mother of monsters nail art choice. Lady G's manicure usually combines the timeless appeal of Halloween themes spiced with eccentricity. Thus, matching checkerboard patterns with the otherworldly charm of ghost face nails looks like a plan, doesn't it?


Skeleton Hands

Skeleton Hands Halloween Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/nails.byliz

Do you admire the rebellious vibe of Avril Lavigne's everyday look but are too shy to incorporate it into your style? Halloween grants you one-day permission to look just like her. Set aside your classy manicure and embrace the mysterious elegance of All Hallow's Eve with a nail design representing the bony appeal of skeleton hands. Just a black base and a skeletal hand imprint!

Boo Art

Boo Halloween Nail Art
Credit photo: instagram.com/nails.byliz

Who hasn't used the classy Halloween's 'Boo!' to scare others during the holiday? Pay homage to the classy phrase and turn it into a creative manicure. You can play around with the lettering, experiment with colors and introduce a breathtaking background to stand out from the crowd.

Cute Ghosts

Cute Ghosts Halloween Nail Art
Credit photo: instagram.com/nails.byliz

Considering the most-known horror movie nails, a cute intake on the subject will transform your tips into a pure representation of Halloween creativity. Have a vague idea of where to look for inspiring nail polish options? Nails Inc offers presentable nude polished to cover your needs and preferences.


Black and White Halloween Nails

Black and White Halloween Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/nails.byliz

Cartoon character nails for Halloween aren't for all. If you are a reserved and classy person keeping vibrant hues at bay seems like a sensible idea. Instead, we suggest you exploit the universal appeal of black and white so that you achieve a haunting and elegant outcome. Follow in Dita Von Teese's footsteps and celebrate vintage spookiness with unquestionable style.

Barbie Pink Halloween Vibe

Barbie Pink Nails Halloween Vibe
Credit photo: instagram.com/nails.byliz

If you aren't a fan of scary movie nails, the Barbie theme can surely save the day. Just a pinch of hot-pink vibrancy and a tad of playful elegance to make the Halloween festivities special. Care you channel the chic vibe that Paris Hilton is known for? You know where to start!

Halloween French

Halloween French Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/nailhavenct

Cartoon nails are fun and unique. However, balancing work and pleasure is necessary. Take an example from Rihanna and intertwine glamorous but gloomy gothic vibes with a classy French manicure.


Neon Halloween Look

Neon Halloween Nails Look
Credit photo: instagram.com/nailedbymal

If you are interested in Halloween nail ideas for short nails, neon nails are colorful and spiked with unquenchable energy enough to take a traditional holiday manicure and bring it to another level of spooky and cool. Not to mention that Zoya presents just the right range of black nail polishes to introduce into your collection.

Monochrome Halloween

Monochrome Halloween Nails
Credit photo: instagram.com/nailedit_beauty

The world of monochrome is enchanting and exceptionally sleek. You can create a black-and-white masterpiece featuring ghosts, spiders, and spiderwebs. Enhance them with checkered patterns and stripes so that no element looks out of place.

Red Spider

Red Spider Halloween Nail Ideas
Credit photo: instagram.com/jinasongnails

Looking for a worthy alternative to witch nails? Check out the spider theme. Red spiders are haunting enough to take you through the Halloween season without taking it over the edge. By the way, Essie has different red hues to use for your festive manicure.


Witch Art

Witch Halloween Nail Ideas
Credit photo: instagram.com/iamdeliasnails

Halloween witch nails are all the rage when the season strikes. You can channel your inner sorceress and capture the enigmatic flair through your manicure. At least once a year. Mix your love for the Harry Potter series and passion for magic and mystery in a delightfully charming way.

It Movie Nail Design

It Movie Nail Design #creepynails
Source: txmanimuse via Instagram

Are there any Stephen King fans around here? In case there are – we have a fab manicure idea that you can inspire from when creating your Halloween look. Creepy clown and gore in one manicure – frightening!

Creepy Eyes

Creepy Eyes #creepynailart
Source: leximartone via Instagram

Eyes are the mirrors of one’s soul and no matter the eye color, eyes are beautiful and magnetic. But, add a couple of those to your nails, and you will end up with a creepy manicure.


Negative Space Halloween Nail Design

Negative Space Halloween Nail Design #nails #scarynails
Source: vanityprojectsmia via Instagram

It is easy to leave one simple detail out when opting for your Halloween manicure. The truth is that themed nail art is just a part of the deal. There is a trendy party to deal with too. That is why we suggest you pay closer attention to this negative space nail art!

Matte And Glossy Halloween Nail Art

Matte And Glossy Halloween Nail Art #easynails
Source: abbydoesnails via Instagram

If you are not feeling like experimenting with lots of colors when it comes to your festive mani, we can’t say that we do not feel you. That is why we offer this matte and glossy design as the best way out ever!

Sparkly Spider Nails

Sparkly Spider Nails #glitternails #scarynails
Source: nailsbyevy via Instagram

You will be surprised, but your manicure can be that perfect accent of your holiday look. All you need is a little 3D effect, some sparkle, and pumpkin hues. If you combine all the things in one, you will get this terrific sparkly spider nail!


Simple Ghost Nail Design

Simple Ghost Nail Design #mattenails
Source: nails__bylily via Instagram

It is amazing how easily something super simple can become that one thing that you can’t stop admiring. All you need to od to achieve the effect is gather around all your autumnish hues and introduce them into your manicure. After that, just a couple of cute ghosts to the scene and the masterpiece is ready!

Bets Nail Art

Bets Nail Art #marblednails
Source: fingerbangportland via Instagram

What can be scarier than a foggy night with the sounds of bat wings clapping above your head? Well, try to picture that and then depict on your nails. We must admit that it is not as scary as it sounds, but it is certainly marvelous!

Bad And Creepy Mickey

Bad And Creepy Mickey #creepynails #mickeynails
Source: ewuleeek via Instagram

Want to sport your mani to the office after the holiday is through? Easy! Just opt for a creepy Mickey Mouse nail art spiced up with black base color. It is not that simple to spot, but once seen it can’t be unseen!


Fun and Scary Halloween Nail Ideas

Halloween manicure does not necessarily have to be scary. Unusual, yes, scary – probably. It all depends on the way you decide to create your look.

Mix of Halloween Nails Ideas

Those of you who in love with spooky cartoons will surely appreciate these Halloween nail art ideas. It is difficult to point out one worthy look since they are all pretty and special, so we are going to leave them here for you to make this uneasy decision.

Scary Blood Nail Art

Bloody nails are not for weak-hearted. In case you feel strong enough to pull such a look off then these unique ideas are here to inspire you!

Halloween nail ideas are ultimately unique and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether it is a simple nail accent or a full-scale manicure masterpiece – we've got your back. Choose your inspiration and make this Halloween a day to remember!


FAQ: Halloween Nail Ideas

Is it too early for Halloween nails?

Halloween is the time to try all possible kinds of designs on your nails. And it’s never too early to start planning a visit to your nail technician.

What are some Halloween colors?

The main two colors used to decorate Halloween homes during this mysterious season are black and orange, with bright purple and red as the accent colors.

What is the name for the fear of Halloween?

Often described as a permanent and extraordinary unjust fear of Halloween, Samhainophobia is a term that originates from ancient pagan traditions, especially the Celtic Druid tradition. The Samhain Festival was celebrated 2,000 years ago to commemorate the eve of the Celtic New Year.