Halloween nail ideas become extremely demanded with every day now, since the holiday is coming. Have you already come up with the spooky look you are going to treat your fingernails with when the time comes? In case you haven’t, we have gathered some special ideas that may come to your liking.


Cool Halloween Nail Designs

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Among the variety of Halloween nail designs, there are some that seem to never go out of fashion. Would you dare trying those out?


Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas You Should to Try

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What is so special about Halloween nail art you may wonder? The thing is that every detail of your look has a purpose. Miss one tiny detail and the look is ruined.

Fun and Scary Halloween Nail Ideas

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Halloween manicure does not necessarily have to be scary. Unusual, yes, scary – probably. It all depends on the way you decide to create your look.


New Halloween Nails Ideas

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Those of you who in love with spooky cartoons will surely appreciate these Halloween nail art ideas. It is difficult to point out one worthy look since they are all pretty and special, so we are going to leave them here for you to make this uneasy decision.

Scary Blood Nail Art

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Bloody nails are not for weak-hearted. In case you feel strong enough to pull such a look off then these unique ideas are here to inspire you!


It Movie Nail Design

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Are there any Stephen King fans around here? In case there are – we have a fab manicure idea that you can inspire from when creating your Halloween look. Creepy clown and gore in one manicure – frightening!

Creepy Eyes

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Eyes are the mirrors of one’s soul and no matter the eye color, eyes are beautiful and magnetic. But, add a couple of those to your nails, and you will end up with a creepy manicure.

Negative Space Halloween Nail Design

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It is easy to leave one simple detail out when opting for your Halloween manicure. The truth is that themed nail art is just a part of the deal. There is a trendy party to deal with too. That is why we suggest you pay closer attention to this negative space nail art!


Matte And Glossy Halloween Nail Art

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If you are not feeling like experimenting with lots of colors when it comes to your festive mani, we can’t say that we do not feel you. That is why we offer this matte and glossy design as the best way out ever!

Sparkly Spider Nails

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You will be surprised, but your manicure can be that perfect accent of your holiday look. All you need is a little 3D effect, some sparkle, and pumpkin hues. If you combine all the things in one, you will get this terrific sparkly spider nail!

Simple Ghost Nail Design

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It is amazing how easily something super simple can become that one thing that you can’t stop admiring. All you need to od to achieve the effect is gather around all your autumnish hues and introduce them into your manicure. After that, just a couple of cute ghosts to the scene and the masterpiece is ready!


Bets Nail Art

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What can be scarier than a foggy night with the sounds of bat wings clapping above your head? Well, try to picture that and then depict on your nails. We must admit that it is not as scary as it sounds, but it is certainly marvelous!

Bad And Creepy Mickey

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Want to sport your mani to the office after the holiday is through? Easy! Just opt for a creepy Mickey Mouse nail art spiced up with black base color. It is not that simple to spot, but once seen it can’t be unseen!

FAQ: Halloween Nail Ideas

Is it too early for Halloween nails?

Halloween is the time to try all possible kinds of designs on your nails. And it’s never too early to start planning a visit to your nail technician.

What are some Halloween colors?

The main two colors used to decorate Halloween homes during this mysterious season are black and orange, with bright purple and red as the accent colors.

What is the name for the fear of Halloween?

Often described as a permanent and extraordinary unjust fear of Halloween, Samhainophobia is a term that originates from ancient pagan traditions, especially the Celtic Druid tradition. The Samhain Festival was celebrated 2,000 years ago to commemorate the eve of the Celtic New Year.