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Girly School Look With A Skirt

Source: Mangorabbitrabbit via Instagram

Girly School Look with a Skirt

This look is cute and sophisticated for a more feminine look and feel. It’s pretty, yet, still trendy with the short black and white plaid skirt paired with black stockings and black boots and topped with a white sweater for a look that’s classy and timeless!

Edgy Look with A Crop Top And Skinny Jeans

Source: Priscillax103 via Instagram

Edgy Look with a Crop Top and Skinny Jeans

For those who prefer jeans, this look is super cute with the white crop top and a flannel shirt tied casually around the waist. The jeans are slimming and comfy for a trendy and relaxed back to school look!

Comfy Idea To Upgrade Your Casual Outfits

Source: Mangorabbitrabbit via Instagram

Comfy Idea to Upgrade Your Casual Outfits

For those who really like to keep up with the latest trends, this look is ideal. The dark torn skinny jeans that are cuffed and paired with a white sleeveless crop top adorned with a denim jacket for a look that says you love fashion but don’t take yourself too seriously!

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