Unforgettable 80s Fashion Trends That Are Popular Nowadays

Spicy And Peculiar 80s Fashion That Has Made Its Way Into Next Century

Not everyone experienced all the fun of 80s fashion. However, not everything is lost. The thing is that all the modern trends are just old ideas given a fresh start. This means that nowadays when you look around, you will see that most people tend to wear modernized versions of all the popular trends that thrived during the 80s and 90s. Taking all that into consideration, it is essential that you are familiar with the ways to make yourself stand out. That is why we have compiled a complete set of trendy 80s looks for you to inspire from. Do not be afraid to experiment!


80s Style Little Black Dress

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There are such fashion elements that are trending no matter the decade or century outside. Little black dress is precisely one of those elements. However, in order to grant the LBD, some 80s fashion women opt for leather jackets with shoulder pads. Such a lot can easily fit in any party or even a formal occasion.


Floral And Neon

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Almost everyone knows that 80s fashion trends involved lots of neon colors and floral elements. That is why if you wish to replicate one of the 80s significant looks, you should better combine the floral pattern with bright neon coloring. For instance, such a pair of yellow pants with flowers all over will suit a bright pink top like bread and butter.


80s Workout Fashion

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These days when you are heading to the gym, a simple T-shirt and a pair of leggings would make your workout outfit. However, 80s fashion girls would surely consider such a look as too simple and boring. There was no room for subtleness in the 80s fashion even if you had sportswear in mind. One look at the outfit depicted here, and you will get the point.


Printed Blouse

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The truth is that even 80s casual fashion wasn’t that casual when you have a closer look at it. The thing is that a printed blouse combined with a pair of high-waisted pair of pants looks quite extraordinary and pompous to us, while during the 80s it was something close to an everyday look. Prints and over-sized clothes were all the rage at the time.


High Waisted Denims

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One of the main trends that has made its way back from the 80s into the modern world is high-waisted jeans. However, during the 80s not only jeans but also jeans shorts were all high-waisted. To complete such an exquisite look, all that was needed was a crop top.

What is more, even if you made it on your own, it still counted. Quite convenient, don’t you think? Tired of your sweater? Make a crop top out of it!

Jacket With Shoulder Pads

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In case you wonder whether there were formal looks to replicate these days – there certainly were. The thing is that any coat, jacket, or blazer with shoulder pads was considered to be formal wear. You could have easily paired such a jacket with leather pants or dress, or even a skirt – what mattered were the shoulder pads!

Striped Pants And Boots

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If you think about the most popular 80s outfits for a while, you will come to realize that women during that time were obsessed with stripes and boots. That is why a combo of striped pants and ankle boots were so popular at the time. Truth be told this notion has made its way into modern fashion as well.


Polka Dots Dress

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All of you may already know that polka dot is a print that defines retro looks. To be honest, not only the 60s were about polka dots, 80s as well. Surely, when compared to all the neon and denim clothing, it may seem unbelievable that something as elegant was required too. However, the truth remains that polka dot dresses were hit clothing during the 80s.

Bandana Fashion Trend

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Accessories were essential during the 80s. When we say accessories we do not mean only the jewelry or purses – think bandanas as well. The fact is that all the women at the time had a vast range of bandanas to choose from to wear on a different occasion. That is why if you wish to dive into the 80s fashion, you should better invest in a few bandanas.

Denim Jacket

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As opposed to 80s neon fashion denim jackets were a must-have for every fashion girl during the 80s. There was nothing that a denim jacket couldn’t have been combined with. Be it a dress or a pair of jeans you put on, the denim jacket was the perfect element to complete the look.


80s Fashion Accessories

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Purses were on the top of popularity during the 80s since it was that one accessory element that made your look stand out. That is why if you want to accent your outlook like the ladies in the 80s did, you should better choose a purse that stands out. For instance, this green-hued outfit, paired with a golden purse is the best-representing example.

Sequin Jumpsuit

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Apart from neon colors, bling 80s clothes were on the edge of glory. In case you wonder where from modern jumpsuits came from – straight from the 80s. However, if nowadays the jumpsuits are more reserved, during the past decade there has been nothing to stop you from sporting such a glowing sequin suit.

Leopard Print Trend

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Most of you may already know that animalistic prints are the ones that never go out of fashion. For example, the 80s style would be incomplete without a leopard print. The truth is that these days wearing a leopard print is a sign of taste and fashion. Such a fabulous dress can be easily worn even to the most formal event.


High Waisted Skirt And Ruffle Top

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The more, the better – that was the motto of 80s fashion. More colors, more ruffles and you get the flawless 80s outfit. In case such a wild combo does not scare you, then you were born to help all the trends from the 80s live on!

Oversize Shirt With Denim Shorts

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Oversize was another significant detail about 80s fashion. You could have easily sported your father’s favorite shirt without anyone even suspecting that it wasn’t yours. Besides, if you combined such a shirt with high-waisted jeans shorts, you would be considered a true fashion icon no matter where you went!


Source: rebelrootsboutique via Instagram

There are many advantages to overall. They are simple, convenient, and fit all the figures. That is why all sorts of overalls were so common throughout the 80s. Throw on your fav t-shirt, put the overalls on and you are ready to rock and roll!


Maxi Print Skirt

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When you think about the vintage fashion, it may occur to you that maxi skirts and dresses were beyond trendy. However, what makes 80s maxi skirts stand out are the mind-blowing prints. If you like to pull off colorful looks and attract people’s attention, then such a skirt must be in your closet!

80s Fitness Fashion

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Fitness fashion in the 80s deserved special attention since it was much more complex than something we are used to. A swimming suit, leggings, and knee-high socks were an essential attribute of every fitness outlook. Besides, the colors should have been bright, and all the element had to match.

80s fashion is not that simple as you may have thought. What is more, it is having a major comeback these days. If you wish to keep up with fashion, you should better read through this article!

Knee High Socks

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Logo Hoodie Fashion Trend

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Members Only Jacket

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High-Rise Tech Jogger Pants

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Oversized Blazer

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