Taper Fade Haircuts For The Boldest Change Of Image

A taper fade – the terms are used interchangeably so often that people think that it is the same haircut that has two names. But in reality, these are two different cuts.


In its essence, a fade is a kind of a taper haircut. But if we compare these two, the length of a fade is much shorter. So, the main difference is in the length.

Read on to discover cool and trendy variations of tapers and fades. Why not go wild when getting a new haircut?

Taper Vs Fade

Tapered haircuts feature longer tops and shorter backs and sides with the length decreasing gradually. And fade haircuts tend to lose the length more drastically, having practically no hair on the sides and back. Sometimes stylists incorporate both elements into one haircut that is then called a taper fade.

These are kinds of tapers: short tapers, faint, long tapers, long crown.

Fades can be bald, low, mid, and high.

And taper fades are divided into temp fades, undercut fades, and side part taper fades.


Faint Taper

Source: dillahajhair via Instagram

This blonde short hair cut is called a faint taper. As you can see in this picture, the length on the sides is extremely short. That is why the word faint is used. With the light color, the hair is barely visible.

Long Crown

Source: khimandi via Instagram

If you have natural thick hair, try a haircut with a long crown like the one shown here. And yes, women who have curly locks can easily rock a taper style. Just find a professional stylist.


Short Tapers

Source: dillahajhair via Instagram

This haircut is among the shorter types of fades that we absolutely love. As you can notice, this model’s sides fade very slightly to the top. The look is popular because it is not that drastic.

Long Tapers

Source: khimandi via Instagram

A high taper fade was popular at the end of the twentieth century. And today this haircut is experiencing a huge comeback. Its top and sides are not super short, so the cut is in the category Long Tapers.



In a fade haircut, the strands become shorter from the top toward the bottom. To demonstrate what we are talking about, here are some pretty and cool variations of fade haircuts.

Faux Hawk Fade

Source: theabigailmartina via Instagram

This taper fade Afro looks edgy and really awesome. The curls are sky-high, and the contrast between the sides and the top is so vivid. This hairstyle is also called a faux hawk.

High Top Fade

Source: denyvir via Instagram

This fade haircut features a high top that is styled in a messy way. The haircut is easy to maintain. All you need is some styling mousse and a blow dryer. Style it with your fingers.


Temp Fade

Source: thecutlife via Instagram

Haircuts like this are often chosen by women who have natural curls and do not want to straighten them. And taking into account that you do not need to form any curls, the style is super easy to get.

Side Part Taper Fade

Source: anna_maria_theresia via Instagram

Sometimes we wish to spice things up. If that’s the case, why don’t you alter your taper fade haircut just a bit? Create a deep side parting, and you already get a different look.

Disconnected Undercut Fade

Source: sib_vicious via Instagram

A disconnected fade hairstyle has been in for some time already. This gorgeous hairstyle is often referred to as a pompadour. The length changes quickly and dramatically from shorter sides to a longer top.


Fade Haircuts For Your Inspiration

In this section, we have chosen the trendiest and edgiest tapers and fades to inspire you. You will see how awesome they appear and will be tempted to get one.

Buzz Cut With Surgical Hairline

Source: stepthebarber via Instagram

This haircut with a bald fade might be a great option for those women who wish to show off their adventurous side. This hairstyle will work perfectly for the summertime heat.

Platinum Blonde Taper With Faded Sides

Source: stepthebarber via Instagram

This clean cut looks pretty striking on its own. But add a platinum blonde color, and it is taken to another level in the blink of an eye. Rock this icy cool style and all eyes will be on you.


Curly Buzz Cut With Shorter Sides

Source: stepthebarber via Instagram

This curly buzz haircut that features shorter sides is the definition of a daredevil. Taper fade curly hair looks especially chic when its length is super short, like in this picture.

Spiky Tapered Cut

Source: laisdelagnese_ via Instagram

Taper fade straight hair can work for women who would like to show off how sassy they are. And a lengthier front section adds some versatility to this short haircut.

Tousled Tapered Pixie Cut

Source: sarahb.h via Instagram

In combination with a warm blonde color, this tousled tapered pixie haircut is Miss Spunky in the world of taper fades. The bed-head look is easily created with any heat protectant.


Pumped Up Pompadour Tapered Pixie

Source: dillahajhair via Instagram

If you wish to sport taper fade long hair, you can go for a pompadour hairstyle like the one demonstrated in this picture. What we really love about it is its exceptional volume. It creates a dramatic contrast with the sides of this haircut.

Punky Pompadour Taper Fade

Source: laisdelagnese_ via Instagram

Let punk rock live forever! With this pompadour taper fade and a deep brown hair color that is close to black, you will be the center of attention everywhere you go. This retro chic style is achieved with the help of texturizing spray.

Asymmetrical Sleek Tapered Bob

Source: corinne_elspeth via Instagram

In case you are one of those women who would like to go short but not too bald, this asymmetrical bob with a taper is a nice solution. The hairstyle is sleek yet full of movement. This medium length hairstyle is often chosen because of its femininity.


Blonde Sassy Taper Fade

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Short blonde haircuts are always attention grabbing. But this haircut with a skin fade is something exceptional. To style, you will simply need to apply texturizing gel or pomade and blow dry your hair. Plus, it is so low maintenance! Just visit the salon every 3 weeks for a touch-up.

Modernized Taper Bowl Hairstyles

Source: mademoisellehenriette via Instagram

Have you always shied away from a bowl cut because of considering it an old school and boring hairstyle? How about adding a modern twist to it? You’ll be pleased to find out that a taper fade cut works wonders for such a hairstyle, instantly making it trendy and up-to-date.

Skin Fade Pixie

Source: kimidailey via Instagram

Do you still think that a pixie cut can’t be accompanied by a fade because it’s already so short? We’re here to prove you wrong. Pairing a pixie with a skin fade makes up a really edgy and bold look. Add platinum blonde highlights to it and you’re sure to have all eyes on you.


Choppy Taper Fade

Source: jcx28 via Instagram

This hairstyle is highly complimentary for ladies with thin hair, as thanks to the choppy layers, it creates the impression of an abundant mane. A taper fade helps to draw attention to the textured top. For added emphasis, bleach the hair on top while dyeing the underlying layers in ash gray.

Back Swept Taper Haircut

Source: sandra_sinh via Instagram

When you have your sides and back tapered, it allows you to style the hair atop of your head in any way you like to fit all situations. If you need to look elegant and dressy today, sweep the top section of the hair back and spritz with some hairspray to keep it in place.

Platinum Blonde Spiky Taper Fade

Source: katrinberndt via Instagram

If you want to channel your inner rock star, it’s hard to think of a better way than going for a spiky hairstyle. Although it’s already sharp and defined, you can make it even more contrasty by adding a taper fade on the sides and leaving them in your natural color while dyeing the spikes in platinum blonde.


Curly Taper

Source: confredi_ via Instagram

Those who have curly locks will find a tapered hairstyle extremely flattering. Thanks to the short sides and back, it doesn’t take you much effort to keep the focus on your prominent hair texture. To give this hairstyle a trendy touch, go with dark roots that gradually fade into blonde tips.

Now you know the difference between taper and fade haircuts. We are sure that you are so excited that your new image is on a short term horizon already. But don’t think that we are saying goodbye already. More inspo is here for you on our blog.