While all seasons are beautiful and unique in their own ways, summer anticipation infects more people than you can imagine. There's so much to be done to prepare for the season that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Let us take at least one burden off your shoulders – share the best summer nail colors to enhance your look from the hottest Day 1 till the end. The palette is so extensive and versatile that anyone will find more than one shade to experiment with!


What color nails are best for summer?

With the widest variety of nail colors available at the moment, it's necessary to mention that summer colors are exceptional in a plethora of ways. While there's no one-for-all hue to associate with the season, we suggest you point your attention in the following direction:

  • Bright and colorful shades – corals, hot pinks, electric blues, and sunny yellows will be your oyster this season!
  • Pastel hues – mint greens, baby blues, lavender tints, and pale pinks will drink in delicate freshness to your look, and that's what summer is all about.
  • Nude colors – beige, light tan, and soft peach will help you maintain an elegant and chick vibe throughout the season.
  • Metallics and shimmery hues – add some shine and glamour to your look with gold tints, silver shades, rose gold, and bronze shimmers this summer.


What nail color goes with everything in the summer?

Some nail colors for summer may not fit with everything, and that's the hard truth you must learn. However, there's a variety of tones you can use without second thoughts. They are the following:

  • Nudes: neutral shades matching your skin tone will suit any outfit and fit every event and environment. These shades are designed to complement your style rather than overpower it.
  • Light pinks: softer pink shades can be paired with a wide variety of styles, so it's a must-have for this summer. Hues like that aren't distractive but elegant and feminine.
  • Light grays: If you are interested in a modern and sophisticated vibe that a manicure can enhance, then light gray tones will help you effectively succeed with the task.
  • French manicure: one can't go wrong with the classics. Thus traditional or slightly enhanced French tips will help you deal with any formal meeting effortlessly.

Shimmery Nails Shade

Source: jessicawashick via Instagram

In case you want to play around with a soft summer color palette with a touch of bling to it, we say you pay more attention to shimmery nail shades. OPI, ILNP, and other brands present a great variety of rose golds, champagnes, silvers, and iridescent to spice your look up with. Yet, make sure that the base color goes well with your skin tone and personal style. Experimentation is the road to success!


Lime Green Nail Color

Source: beautyaddictedd via Instagram

Bright summer nails encompass a variety of colors, but lime green will help you make a statement no matter where you are headed. The shade is fun and energetic, and brands like Chine Glaze, Zoya, and Essie have a few unique options to choose from. Moreover, the hue works well with different skin tones too.

Watermelon Red Summer Nail Shade

Source: furiousfiler via Instagram

Watermelon red is a delightful and refreshing nail shade that embodies the vibrant colors of summertime. It's a playful and juicy hue that instantly brightens your nails. That's partly a reason why Dior, Chanel, and Essie have produced their own variations of the hue. Watermelon red varies in tone from bright red to softer, pinkish red so that you can easily pick a perfect shade for your skin tone.


Neon Yellow

Source: furiousfiler via Instagram

Neon yellows are definitely among the most eye-catching colors on the market. They are designed to project energy and radiance, making them ideal for unforgettable summertime. Remember that the color truly pops when matched with medium to deep skin tones. However, OPI and Essie's variants ensure that the sky is the limit regarding desirable nail polish.

Coral Summer Nail Color

Source: beautyaddictedd via Instagram

While looking for summer nail inspo, make sure you've considered coral shades. The hue is certainly timeless and quite required. Gucci, Orly, and Chanel present their coral solution for a fun summer. Coral tones are impressively versatile on their own, but they pair well with other colors, so there's nothing to restrict your creativity in terms of nail art.

Blue Jeans Summer Nail Polish

Source: furiousfiler via Instagram

Considering the cool summer colour palette, it's hard to let the trendy Blue Jeans nail color pass unnoticed. The shade is designed to bring effortlessness and a joyous vibe to your style. While Kinetics Beauty, Chanel, and Dior suggest their intakes on a solid base, you can take things a little further and match the tone with different styles and decorative elements.


Blue-Toned Red Nails

Source: furiousfiler via Instagram

Blue-toned red nails offer a unique and sophisticated twist to the classic red manicure. This particular red shade often called a cool or blue-based red, has subtle hints of blue undertones that add depth and richness to the color. In case you are looking for a fresh intake on classy red, Dior, Essie, and Hermes have a bunch of fun ideas in store.

Soft Green Summer Nails

Source: marinelp91 via Instagram

Among all summer pastel nails, soft summer greens project a fresh yet tranquil flair. When you want to stay tuned with nature and bring inner calmness to your look, you should consider the color. Orijinal, Essie, and Chanel have a few worthy items to brood upon.

Tangerine Nails for Summer

Source: lackschaft via Instagram

Tangerine nails are a vibrant and lively choice for summer. This juicy and citrus-inspired shade can add a pop of energy to your nails and perfectly complement the sunny weather. If you can't pull the solid tangerine coating off, you can use the shade as a perfect accent nail. Even a single detail will retain that playful and energetic vibe that is perfect for summer.


Metallic Blue Nails

Source: furiousfiler via Instagram

Metallic blue nails can create a striking and captivating look. The metallic finish adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to the vibrant blue shade. Whether you opt for a full metallic blue manicure or use it as an accent color, it will surely add glamour and intrigue to your nails. Consult LeChat, Essie, and OPI summer collections to locate a perfect match.

Soft Pink Nails

Source: jessicawashick via Instagram

Soft pink nails offer a delicate and feminine look that is perfect for various occasions, including the summer season. This subtle and versatile shade of pink complements a range of outfits and skin tones, as well. Whether it is a dinner party or a formal meeting, a manicure like that won't seem out of place. Besides, if full-in coating isn't your cup of tea, you can dip just a toe in the water and opt for vibrant French tips instead.

Ocean Blue For The Beachy Mood

Source: tanya_wish via Instagram This ocean blue manicure created in the water marble technique will infuse you with beachy vibes setting up the perfect summer mood. Even if you're sitting right now in a stuffy office in the middle of a buzzing megacity, it will give you a touch of breeze and relaxation.


Soft Pastel Combination To Embrace Your Beauty

Source: didoline via Instagram Are you a fan of pastel nail lacquer shades? Then this nail design idea might work nicely for you. Alternate mint green and soft pink for the most delicate look ever. This nude nails design will be appropriate for every day.

Neon Yellow For Summer Pool Party

Source: _lilinails_ via Instagram When it comes to the nail lacquer shades to rock during the summertime, what can be more amusing than neon yellow? As you can see in this picture, this bright hue pairs well with toned down, transparent accents and black patterns.

Seductive Berry Pink To Make Your Skin Shine

Source: essie via Instagram If you wish to make a fashionable statement, get a nail design in berry pink like you see here and match it with a bright yellow dress. Yellow and berry pink appear outstanding when paired together.


Soft Blue Vibes

Source: 1masternails via Instagram We find this soft blue shade very alluring. And the best thing about it is that it can work awesomely for a day in the office. Add an accent in not bright colors on the ring finger for the real glee.

Perfect Pink Nude For Dark Skin Beauties

Source: essie via Instagram This nude pink is among the trendiest summer nail colors for dark skin. This shade accentuates the beauty of dark skin and such a soft hue is also appropriate for every day. So, it is a win-win for sure.

Mermaid Blue Shades To Think About The Sea

Source: nailsinc via Instagram When it’s the summertime, we all dream about a vacation with the days full of sunlight and seaside activities. Aren’t these blue shades reminiscent of the sea?


Matte Black Like Perfect Base For Tropical Nail Art

Source: nails_krat via Instagram Who said that black is the unacceptable color for hot summer days? Just look how fresh and cool the tropical leaves look on a matte black base! We saw nothing more inspiring. And you?

Electric Blue For A Mauve Sea Nail Design

Source: so_nailicious via Instagram Electric blue shade is perfect for the sea nail design. Create a seafoam on your nails and you'll be the queen of the beach, believe us!

Delicate Peach Manicure With Summer Fruits

Source: _lilinails_ via Instagram Regardless of the season, nude peach color is always in trend. It will work great for those who love pastels. Complete your mani with juicy watermelon and you'll see how cool your summer nail look.


Mix Your Own Rainbow And Make The Summer Rock!

Source: nails_krat via Instagram We want to say that never mind what shade you choose. The main thing is that you should like the color on your nails. If you can't decide just mix all colors together and create a rainbow on your nails. Definitely, looks like a summer mood.

Fresh And Bright Yellow Nails

Source: whodidurnailz via Instagram

There are times when all that you need for a juicy manicure is a properly chosen shade. We think that warm yellow nail polish looks cute and stylish on its own, especially if you pair it with ballerina shape.

Pale Lilac Shade For Tropic Sunrise Nail Art

Source: nailsrnd via Instagram

Going too bright when the summer comes is not for everyone. That is why pastel shades are so popular these days. A gentle lilac ombre with a lovely tropical sunset to it is all that you may need to succeed with your summer nails.


Olive Base For Stamping Nail Design

Source: nailsrnd via Instagram

Perfect nail art is all about the proper combination of elements and shades. When you look at this olive green manicure with minimalistic leafy stamping to it, you come to realize that beauty comes in simplicity.

Yellow Neon Nail Design

Source: whodidurnailz via Instagram

Bold ladies prefer their summer look to be as bright as possible. If you belong to the category, then these neon yellow acrylic nails are the only thing that is still missing!

Bright Ombre With Accented Finger

Source: aleksandra.kaczmarek_nails via Instagram

There are times when solid bright nail art is a little bit too much. That is when ombre steps in. If you combine yellow and white nail polish, you will have a vibrant but elegant pattern. To add some trendy spice to the design, we suggest you play around with an accent finger.


Neon Orange And Peach Ombre Nail Design

Source: whodidurnailz via Instagram

The fact is that ombre is not always about subtleness. There are times when the mixture of two bright hues result in a super vibrant manicure. One look at this orange and peach transition will prove the point.

Holographic Green Ombre Nails

Source: indiglownails via Instagram

Aside from yellow shades, there are other bright colors to consider too. How about teal ombre? Does not sound too exciting? Then you should better combine it with a holographic accent!

Pale Green Nails

Source: marr.wwah via Instagram

Pale green is both a royal and a quite bright hue. That is why if you do not want your nails to steal all the attention, such a manicure is merely irreplaceable.


White Nails With Glitter And Flowers Pattern

Source: zack_pn via Instagram

White is beyond popular at the moment. This means that you can stick to your favorite shade while creating something summery with its help. What we have in mind is the combo of cute floral pattern spiced up glitter accent nail and your favorite pure white nail polish!

Now you know the perfect and trendy nail colors for the summertime. Stick around on our blog to get more inspo.

FAQ: Summer Nail Colors

Should nails and toes match?

No, you don’t have to match your manicure and pedicure. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with matching your mani-pedi. This can be reached by using nail polish in matching colours on your fingers and toes.

What nail color makes you look younger?

Orange or peach-based colors are great for younger-looking hands. Reds and corals with orange undertones will divert attention away from any symptoms of aging.

What color nail polish will make me look tan?

Bright hues, such as brilliant yellow, summer pink or juicy orange, can definitely make your tan pop, especially on darker skin tones.