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Brown Hair With Strawberry Pink Highlights

Brown Hair With Strawberry Pink Highlights #wavyhair #hairhighlights #brownhair

Now, it’s better to sit down before this unbelievable dusty pink hair idea takes you over! We weren’t joking when we told that this hair color could adapt to any image and base. These dusty strawberry pink highlights added over the light brown base is nothing but a perfect fresh take at your brunette routine.

Source: harttofcolor via Instagram

Pink Ombre On Dark Base

Pink Ombre On Dark Base #colorfulhair #ombrehair #wavyhairstyles

Pink ombre hair looks its best only when its tone matches the tone of the primary. By the tone, we mean the intensiveness and temperature of colors; if you have a saturated dark base, a bright shade of pink will nicely finish it. Also, modern colorists recommend mixing several pink shades, going from softer to brighter ones to create dimensional looks.

Source: harttofcolor via Instagram

Pastel Mermaid Hair

Pastel Mermaid Hair #mermaidhair #colorfulhair

While most people think that mermaids don’t exist, your hair can prove them otherwise. Mix the most subtle shades of pink and blue hair, spice them up with a pastel mood, and finish the look with your natural roots. Isn’t that a dream hair look?

Source: theartistkristi via Instagram

Flamingo Pink Pastel Shade

Flamingo Pink Pastel Shade #curlyhair #shorthairstyles

If you wonder how natural pink shade looks like, this short pink hair is here to satisfy your curiosity. To achieve such a cute and soft look, ask your stylist to coat your light blonde primary with an airy layer of light pink hair color.

Source: salsalhair via Instagram

Raspberry Milkshake

Raspberry Milkshake #longhair #wavyhair

This color is just like a cool milkshake foam melting under the sun: it’s so tempting and yummy! When going for pastel ideas like this, make sure to make the color muted but illuminative enough. To do so, ask your colorist for lighter strands on the bottom portion.

Source: guy_tang via Instagram

Bold Color Mix

Bold Color Mix #colorfulhair #shorthairstyles

Can’t decide between the amazing options of pink? Mix them all, then! Of course, such a color twist requires courage, and that’s why you don’t see girls with multi-colored pink manes every single day. If you are brave enough, mix rose pink hair with carrot and lavender shades, and be ready to catch people’s eyes!

Source: emilyandersonstyling via Instagram

Pink And Purple Hair

Pink And Purple Hair #colorfulhair #curlyhairstyles

There’s one hack about purple and pink hair: you won’t go wrong if you make them a part of your look. Since they stand close to one another in the color wheel, your pink-to-purple combo, whatever it is, is destined to be a success.

Source: heididoeshair via Instagram

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