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Nude Nails With A Polka Dot Design

Source: nailartist_natali via Instagram

Nude Nails With A Polka Dot Design #polkadotsnails #mattenails

Here is a fabulous nail design that boasts nude gel nails. The matte nails color option is a beautiful choice for almost any occasion. Its high gloss counterpart is high maintenance to keep its glossy sheen. The matte colors are easier to maintain. This adorable polka dot design is a fantastic choice for special occasions.

Nude Nails With An Ombre Design

Source: zhenya__borisova via Instagram

Nude Nails With An Ombre Design #ombrenails #almondnails

This nail design boasts the French manicure that has been excessively popular for some time. The French design has always carried a look of ombre nails since the color blends, fading subtly from one shade into a complimenting shade. The rhinestones that have been placed for this design create the shape of a heart. The symbolic heart design being on the fourth finger is a great touch since it has been said that the fourth finger, or ring finger, is the only finger on the hand that connects directly to the heart.

Classy Nude Nails With Gold Glitter Ombre

Source: teres_nails via Instagram

Classy Nude Nails With Gold Glitter Ombre #glitternails #goldglitter

Our next example is this breathtaking nude and gold nails option that really grabs your attention. This nail design has a somewhat sharper shape merging the almond nail design and the stiletto nail design to create this blended design. These glitter ombre nails are suitable for everyday wear as well as for an evening and for a formal event. The gold glitter adds enough sparkle to be eye-catching while not being too overpowering in this design.

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