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22. Graded Mid-Length Cut

Graded Mid-Length Cut

Color gradation creates enormously beautiful effect, especially on shoulder length haircuts. Such an effect is relatively easy to achieve and will look great no matter whether you have blonde or darker hair.

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23. Blonde Shoulder Length Bob

Blonde Shoulder Length Bob

If you have natural blonde hair, bob haircut is a perfect one to showcase your beautiful hair color. Such hairstyle is extremely easy to maintain and will look beautiful on every occasion. You could add some balayage to make your hairstyle stand out even more.

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24. Ombre Medium Hairstyle

Broqn Ombre Hairstyle #ombrehairstyle #blondehair

Changing hair color is one of the ways of breaking up the density of thick hair. Ombre can create an airy effect, as it gets gradually lighter towards the hair ends. Depending on your natural hair color, you could experiment with different shades of color, from pink to a green one.

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