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A Garden Under The Bell Jar

Source: cleanandscentsible via Instagram, fawn_parties via Instagram, cleanandscentsible via Instagram
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These Easter garden decorations are not only adorable but also right on the subject. Easter is celebrated in the springtime when everything wakes up. Why not praise this moment by creating a tiny garden and use it as home décor when the holiday comes? It can be made with various materials you have on hand. Go out and get some ground, moss, stones, and plants. Then just arrange these natural materials under the jar. Cute bunnies will complement this creative centerpiece.

Bunny Banners

Source: thecraftpatch via Instagram, cleanandscentsible via Instagram, thecraftpatch via Instagram
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In case you are looking for cheap Easter decorations, we can recommend that you create bright and fun bunny banners and hang them in your living-room or elsewhere. By the way, bunny banners are not only among the cheapest but also simplest Easter decorations – you will not have to spend much time on creating them. There are many pretty templates you can find on the web. Pick the one that will work great for your room and print it. Punch tiny holes in the ears and then string the bunnies together to get a banner. Or you can just use glue. Voila!

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