The long-awaited spring has come to melt the ice in our hearts, so now it’s time for us to enjoy all the blooming beauty and fill our houses with inspiring easter flowers. Not only girls love this time of year, but this is also the most charming season for everyone because people celebrate Easter - the loveliest family holiday. The moments when your family bond together are the ones to remember, right? So why don’t you make this celebration more special? Decorate your place with roses, lavender, tulips and any seasonal flowers you want! You can also create DIY rose decorations with eggs and some vases yourself, it’s all up to your imagination.


Floral Centerpieces

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Imagine a beautiful feasting table with a fancy tablecloth and your self-made easter decorations on it. Who said that traditions can’t be stylish? Make your own palette of flowers: put some pink, yellow and white asters together to create an exquisite floral centerpiece. Based on your apartment layout you can make an ideal decorating detail, don’t be shy to show that you have a good taste!

Credit photo: miamiflowermarket Credit photo: Credit photo: You can also combine two Easter symbols into one creative DIY and put pink roses and white lavender on a bundle of eggs, it would be a cool twofer for your tablescape: the symbolism and fashion in their purest form. Do you like minimalism? If you are into that, you can put white peonies or roses in white or glass vase. It will look fantastic, as simplicity is an invaluable design feature. But don’t be too minimal! Remember that there always must be an eye-catching detail in your composition.


DIY Rose Decorations

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You know why we love spring flowers. Their freshness and burst of colors give us a sense of satisfaction and comfort. You can create your own beautiful decorations that will adorn your celebration. Flower arranging can be both satisfying and exciting. Got an old glass jar or some useless pot? It can be a good base for your rose decoration.

Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: Roses look totally amazing, especially if their colors belong to a soft pink palette. Mix different colors of roses, add some peonies, tulips and wildflowers to your composition and place it all in a jar. Here is another good idea for your tablescape: Tiny roses look even more breathtaking than standard ones, try them out and add some fern leaves to create a special composition.

Make Your Day Beautiful With White Flowers

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Little things make us happy, remember? Prettify your living room with white flowers and you will see how delicately they complement your interior. Look at these wonderful white flower compositions, they came to prove that simplicity will save the world.


Add More Flowers For A Spring Mood

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Some people just don’t care about the atmosphere of their apartment. But everyone should know that it directly affects our mood. Set the right atmosphere around you this spring: add more flowers to make your house cozy, mix tulips with camomiles and peonies, experiment and delight yourself! Floral centerpieces can be accompanied by odorous candles and pretty Easter eggs, a perfect idea for celebration design.

Ideas on How To Put Flower Compositions In The Interior

Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: Have no idea where to put a flower composition? Put it everywhere. Seriously, you can’t have too much of flowers. This tiny detail can add some elegance to your fireplace, beautify your coffee table or refine your table setting.


Pretty Tulips For Spring Mood

Credit photo: Credit photo: Credit photo: And don’t forget about the tulips! No tulips, no spring mood. Just look how adorable they fit any interior, adding stylishness to everything around. If you want to let springtime into your heart, the last step is to put some tender tulips in your house.

White And Pink Flowers For A Sweet Day

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