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Lovestruck Couple Initials

Lovestruck Couple Initials  #weddingcake #toppers #cake

Why do people get married? Well, of course, because they love each other. Such a lovestruck initials cake topper will be that accent that expresses your love to each other well.

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Modern Monogram Topper

Modern Monogram Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake

We have already discussed family name wedding cake toppers, however, if that is not your cup of tea – there is another option. All you need is one letter that represents your family monogram. Such a topper is super modern and minimalistic, but stylish and elegant at the same time.

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Vintage Monogram Topper

Vintage Monogram Topper #weddingcake #toppers #cake

Vintage themes are quite popular these days. That is why if you are looking for rustic wedding cake toppers, we have a suitable one in mind. This exquisite topper will represent the taste and elegance of your wedding cake as well as of the wedding itself.

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Talking Wedding Toppers

Talking Wedding Toppers #weddingcake #toppers #cake

When you are unsure of what to choose as your wedding cake topper, opt for something that you want to say to each other. One word may be enough, or you can come up with talking toppers on several cakes. Surely, such an approach will be one of a kind.

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Fairy Storybook Saying

Fairy Storybook Saying #weddingcake #toppers #cake

There is a happy ending to every fairytale; that is why making your wedding look like it is straight out of your fairy tale is a wise opinion. A wedding cake with a storybook saying on top of it will add up to the general magical vibe.

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Phonetic Cake Toppers

Phonetic Cake Toppers #weddingcake #toppers #cake

There is never enough of wedding wishes that come from your favorite guests. Besides, some guests may be quite awkward with what they are supposed to say on occasion. Help them out with a wishful topper on your wedding cake. Cheers to forever!

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Thematic Word Topping

Thematic Word Topping #weddingcake #toppers #cake

There is one thing to cherish throughout your relationship. As you may have guessed, it is your love for each other. Celebrate the special bond between you by adding a thematic word topper. May there be love between you forever!

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