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Pros Of Accessorizing Your Updo

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Beautiful Twisted Updo With Pins To Complete Your Look #twistedbun #hairaccessory

Here in this picture you can notice that this model’s hair color is a bit washed out. She tries to hide it with the help of a hairstyle. But she wouldn’t have succeeded without these sparkling bobby pins – little helpers that steal attention from her hair color.

Source: haircomesthebride via Instagram

Elegant Blonde Twisted Updo With A Hair Accessory #blondehair #twistedupdo

This updo hairstyle requires a certain amount of volume. Which means that this model couldn’t sleek out her tresses with the product to deal with flyaways. But these gorgeous hair accessories make those unruly flyaways practically invisible.

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Twisted Updo With Flowers To Accentuate Your Beauty #blondehair #floralaccessory

In this picture, you can see an example how a trendy color job can fail you. When worn loose, these dirty blonde hues appear cool and hip. But in an updo, the effect disappears. Luckily, these floral hair accessories are bright enough for the color job not to look like the outgrown roots.

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High Twisted Bun #updo #longhair

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French Low Twist #updo #longhair

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Braided Low Bun #bun #updo #braids

As you can notice, these updos for long hair are pretty and versatile. We are sure that you will try them all eventually! But don’t go away so soon, check out some other posts we have.

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